Monday, January 18, 2010

Yet Another Example Of Why People Distrust The Dinosaur Media

You have to love this one.

The New York Times owned Boston Globe has always been an obedient Left lying lap dog of Pravda-on-the-Hudson, and proved it again today.

With every reputable poll showing Scott Brown surging and even the White House quietly acknowledging that Coakley is toast, leave it to the Globe to keep the 'fake but accurate' legacy going:

With the clock ticking inexorably towards Tuesday's election and a new poll showing them in a dead heat, Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown are crisscrossing the state today in a last-minute scramble for votes in a race that has drawn national attention.

'Dead heat'? Oh yeah, there's one poll from an obviously unbiased, non-partisan source showing Coakely and Brown dead even..from Daily Kos!

I guess that's how Peter Schworm, the author of this tripe learned spin it leftwards back in J-school.Simply pathetic.

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louielouie said...

i've seen all sorts of media coverage of hussein campaigning for this woman.
i have not seen anything/coverage of mr. heinz-kerry sticking his foot in his mouth for her.