Sunday, January 03, 2010

Dems Rip Independent Pollster Rasmussen

When there's bad news, just shoot the messenger.

Or at least do your best to discredit him.

The chief 'argument' here is that Rasmussen uses likely voters instead of all voters, which the Dems say undercounts minority and young voters.

Anyone who's ever worked on a campaign knows that those two groups always undervote, as opposed to say, seniors or the military...which means Rasmussen's past track record has been pretty damn good.

As my eminent Watcher's Council colleague Wolf Howling points out, during the last election, Rasmussen was spot on in predicting 52% to 46% for Obama, making Scott Rasmussen the most accurate of all the pollsters.

You never heard a peep out of the Left over that prediction, now did you? But now, according to them he's supposedly taking marching orders from the GOP!

Watch what happens in 2010.

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B.Poster said...

As bad as Bush and the Republicans were, how does Obama only manage to get 52% of the vote? He should have gotten 80 to 90% of the vote and he should have won all 50 states.

I suspect that, while the voters were and are totally fed up with Republicans, they could not get comfortable and are still not comfortable with Mr. Obama or his team. If this President were a humble man, he would have asked himself how he only manages to get 52% of the vote while running agaisnt a Republican. So far, I have not heard him or anyone on his team ask this question. He should also ask himself, how is it when I get almost universal favorable media coverage my popularity is only around 50% or so? Why is it not 90 to 95%?

The answers to these questions would reveal alot. At this time, I don't think Mr. Obama or the Democrats have the humilty to ask such questions.