Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obamacare's Obituary??

This could be it:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she lacks the votes to quickly move the Senate's sweeping health overhaul bill through the House, a potentially devastating blow to President Barack Obama's signature issue.

Pelosi, D-Calif., made the comment to reporters after House Democrats held a closed-door meeting at which participants vented frustration with the Senate's massive version of the legislation.

Her concession meant there was little hope for a White House-backed plan to quickly push the Senate-approved health bill through the House, followed by a separate measure making changes sought by House members, such as easing the Senate's tax on higher-cost health plans. Such an approach would be "problematic," she said.

"In its present form without any changes I don't think it's possible to pass the Senate bill in the House," Pelosi said, adding, "I don't see the votes for it at this time."

Pelosi's remarks signaled that advancing health legislation through Congress will likely be a lengthy process—despite Democrats' desire for a quick election-year pivot to address jobs and the economy, which polls show are the public's top concern.

"We're not in a big rush," Pelosi said. "Pause, reflect."

'Pause, reflect'?? All of a sudden, just out of the goodness of their hearts, the Donkeys decided not to jam Obamacare through as quickly as they could do it, just out the goodness of their pea sized hearts, Ri-i-ght.

The real story, of course is that San Fran Nan is in a strait jacket for real. She hasn't got the 218 votes to pass the ObamaCare Senate bill and the Senate doesn't have the votes any more to simply shove it through via the reconciliation process...because a number of them saw what been happening and want to move away from this toxic nonsense as far as they can, what with elections coming up.

And speaking of the Senate, both Olympia Snowe and Ohio's own RINO George Voinovich were hit on by Obama to turn over and get ObamaCare through, and both reportedly said 'no thanks.'

That's going to be the new Democrat tactic - to try and pick off one or two Republicans to craft a 'bi-partisan' ObamaCare bill and save Zero's reputation.Given the distance between what the Senate could conceivably pass and what the House progressives would vote for that won't be an easy task anyway.

If the GOP is smart, they won't get involved in any of this nonsense, especially given how disrespectfully they've been treated . They'll propose their own legislation on the lines of what's at the GOP website, focusing on tort reform and allowing consumers to shop across state lines for insurance and prescription drugs. And they won't allow a single Donkey anywhere near it.

It won't pass, or even in the unlikely chance it does, Prez Zero will veto it.But teh American people will know who the real obstructionists are and who actually has the better ideas.

Far better to let Prez Zero and the Donkeys hang precariously on the limb they've gone out on than to climb on it with them.

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louielouie said...

once again ff gives the gop/repubs too much credit.......
oh dear g-d.........
i'm starting to sound like......
oh no.......
it can't be........
i'm sounding like monkey boy......