Monday, January 18, 2010

Scenes From The Peasant's Revolt In Massachusetts

The cute little Right wingnut teabagger alone is worth the price of admission.

Brown has energized something in the people of Massachusetts.Maybe it's him, maybe it's just that they've finally had enough.Or maybe it's both.

Volunteers for Brown are so plentiful that they have some of them working and calling from home. Coakely, on the other hand,has basically had to pretty much cede her get out the vote efforts to Obama's people from Organizing America.

The polls? Public Policy has Brown up by 51-46, 5 points. Other polls show him up by as much as nine points, which I personally think is a bit high.

As Byron York points out, there are two unique factors affecting this race, ObamaCare and one party rule. Massachusetts already has what amounts to universal health coverage, put in place by Mitt Romney.If ObamaCare passes, the already overtaxed people of the Bay State will be paying much higher taxes to subsidize Nebraska and Louisiana's sweetheart deals for something they already have. And that assumes they're happy with the longest wait time to see a physician in the nation.

They also have noticed that when Democrats rule unrestricted without any checks and balances, bad things can happen. And Martha Coakely's clueless and imperious attitude as the anointed senator-to-be hasn't helped either.


Anonymous said...

Last time there was a real peasants revolt I believe those in power got guillatined.

louielouie said...

oh dear g-d.
i certainly hope monkey boy gets wind of this dimocratic predicament.
chimpy needs to show up at one of coakley's rallies.
that will surely sink her ship.
there will be plenty of time for monkey boy to check back into re-hab someplace, anyplace, after this dog and pony show is over.
unfortunately, the only time ff gets any type of correspondence from babboon boy is to bail him out of some sort/type of detention.

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually, Weekend Monkey was considering running for the open seat...after all, Teddy was a supporter of Monkey's presidential bid back in '08, if you remember, it is Massachusetts and WM always had a lot of support among the college age voters.

From what he told me, he received a nice honorarium to stay away from the race courtesy of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, so as not to split the vote.

I think that was a strategic mistake on their part, frankly.They should have backed him.

They could hardly have done worse.Weekend Monkey at least knows how to spell Massachusetts and would never have referred to Curt Schilling as 'a Yankee fan' .