Monday, January 04, 2010

Egyptian Government commandeers Cairo synagogue as office space.

Just imagine the self-righteous outcry if an Israeli government ministry had done this to a mosque...


B.Poster said...

Absolutely. It would have been on every news outlet in the United States and probably the world and they would all be cricizing Israel. Also, every news publication in America and probably the world would feel the need to weigh on it and they would all be critical of Israel.

If the United States had done something like this to a mosque the media would hyperventilate criticizing the United States as well. If any other Western country except the United States had done something simillar to a mosque, there would criticism but it would not be to the level that America or Israel would receive.

When an Arab government siezes property in this manner, there is no outcry at all. Why is this so? Why does America, Israel, and the West face criticisms for things that others get a pass on?

I have several theories. 1.)They hate America, Israel, and to a lesser extent Western civilization as a whole. 2.)The press is relative free in America, Israel, and the West. As such, it costs one very little to criticize government officials and, in fact, it can be quite profitable to do so. 3.)They hate Jews. As such, the media would have no problem with Egyptian leaders seizing control of a synagouge. It is already known that they hate Christians. Perhaps they hate Jews also. 4.)The "third world" is seen as an "underdog." There are some who tend to root for the entity they percieve as the underdog. Many of these types are in the news media.

Perhaps all of these factors are at work here. With regards to 4. Third world and underdog are in quotations becuase a close examination of the facts at hand would reveal that the United States and Israel are actually the underdog in this situation. Even though media perceptions are wrong there seems to be no way to change them.

pst314 said...

Another important factor: The Western left, in its rejection of Western civilization, is now attracted to any evil that seems to be in opposition to the West.