Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where Is The Muslim Aid To Haiti?

I note with interest that Israel is sending substantial aid and manpower to the Haitian people to help them in their hour of need, including an entire IDF field hospital.

As a matter of fact, a Haitian woman just gave birth to a son in that hospital and named the child Israel in gratitude, as pictured above.

But it's also interesting that as one looks at all the countries sending aid to Haiti, many Muslim countries seem to be conspicuously absent, in spite of all those petrodollars. Even Muslim Aid, the one Islamic charity that appears to be giving anything is based in the US.

There have been pledges, which may or may not be honored - $1 million each from Kuwait and Morocco. There are some direct supplies from Iran, and contingents of aid workers from Indonesia and Turkey.

But that's it.

Nothing from the Saudis, nothing from the UAE, nothing from the rest of the Arab world, nothing from Pakistan or the Muslim nations in Central Asia, nothing from Iraq...

Nothing. Nada. Nichevo. Zip.

I think that says something.


Mohammed the Teddy-Bear said...

There is a discussion on this going on at Elder of Ziyon:

Actually, more than I expected, too....

Anonymous said...

Sickening considering that one of the five Arkan Islam (Pillars of Faith) is charity and giving to the poor and needy. I am Muslim, but I am convinced there are many satans (way more than I thought) in our religion claiming submission to God.

Sabra said...

Just wait. There will be pledges. korans.

B.Poster said...

I think this says smoething to. Precisely what it says is debateable. Americans and Westerners are more generous than Muslims. This does not seem to be in doubt, however, aid should be given where it can do the most good without compromising a country's just interestes. I think reasonable people can and will disagree over precisely what a just interest is.

I've actually argued, quite heatedly, with a few folks that Aemrica is not in a position to be able to give aid to Haiti. Our economy is in shambles, the military is worn down, and our national debt is massive.

Commiting the military contingents along with the air craft carrier to Haiti seems to be a questionalbe decision on the part of the American government. Given the war we are currently in, it makes little sense to commit an already taxed military to a mission that does not further Amrican national security. It seems like we may be commiting aid and other materials to Haiti while ignoring the needs of our own!! Didn't George Washington once warn us not to quit our own to stand on foreign lands?

It could be that the countires you mention are stingy or it could be that they do not recognize a discernable national interest in committing money or other aid to the corruption that seems to comprise Haiti.

Commiting an entire IDF field hospital to Haiti seems to be an especially curious decision by Israel. Given that war between Israel and any of its adversaries or groups of its adversaries could break out at any time and the logistical difficulties as well the cost involved of getting this field hospital and the personel into Haiti and back out of Haiti quickly should they be immediatedly needed for service in a war between Israel and any of its enemies, this does not appear to be an espcially wise use of this precious resource on the part of the Israeli government.

I'm glad the lady who gave birth appreciates this sacrifice on the part of Israel. I hope and pray that they will appreciate all of the aid from every one and that it will be used wisely to assist the Haitians and not stolen or otherwise diverted to other uses.

Finally, if I were in a natural disaster of this magnitude, I would certainly be eternally greatful for any aid that any one be they from other cournties or the US or the US government woulrd give me, however, I would not expect other countries to sacrifice their own just interests or to undermine the well fare of their citizens in order to get aid to me. Also, I would not expect the United States government to bankrupt future generations in order to get aid to me or tend to any other needs that I may have.

Home Refinance Loans said...

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louielouie said...

got a little hang-up with the syntax there, huh cupcake?

conspicuously absent,
what in hell are you talking about?
these ra....., ra....., islamic fascists family businesses that masquerade as countries could care less. these are, after all predominately black christian infidels.
how many times have you told us the arab word for slave is the same word used for black?

Freedom Fighter said...

Just making the point, Louie.

I make a practice of always hoping for better.That means I'm disappointed on a number of occasions, but it also means that I'm even more pleasantly surprised sometimes.


Soccer Dad said...

BTW, 9 years ago. India. Earthquake. Israeli field hospital. Baby girl. Yisraela.

Anonymous said...

There you go, you racist asshole.

Freedom Fighter said...

Next time, anonymous, read the article before spewing. I SPECIFICALLY mention MuslimAid in the article.And your link shows a fairly small amount in actual donations, if you look at it.

But those oil rich Arab countries? AWOL.

Given that you're that clueless, I certainly hope you're not a proctologist. You could get sued for malpractice up the uh..asshole!

Anonymous said...

Muslim Countries Are Helping Haiti Reply to this message
Muslim countries are, in fact, helping Haiti
Gregg Carlstrom | January 18, 2010 es-are-in-fact-helping-haiti

First, if you can, give something to help with relief efforts in Haiti -- and if you're donating to a specific charity, consider making an unrestricted donation.

Now: I was wondering how long it would take for American conservatives to blame the Muslim world for its perceived lack of aid to Haiti.

Didn't take long: Jamie Allman, a talk radio host from St. Louis, says the Muslim world is "missing" from the list of donors to Haiti. (And I'm sure he isn't the only one to make this claim.)

Allman is lying. We've put together a partial list of donations from Muslim countries -- it's after the jump -- all of it culled from English-language news reports.

Allman had access to the same information, if he'd actually bothered to do any research.

Bahrain: The government has donated $1 million to relief efforts.

Jordan: A Jordanian air force plane carrying a military field hospital and 6 tons of food and supplies left Amman on January 14. A second plane carrying Jordanian medics left the following day.

Iran: Iran's Red Crescent society sent 30 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, tents and medicine, on January 16.

Kuwait: Kuwait donated $1 million to relief efforts; the Red Crescent is preparing 100 tons of food, medical supplies, tents and blankets to fly to Haiti.

Lebanon: Lebanon is loading a plane with 25 tons of tents and 3 tons of medical supplies; it leaves tomorrow.

Morocco: Two planes carrying 24 tons of aid left the city of Kenitra on January 16. The Moroccan government has pledged $1 million in aid to Haiti.

Qatar: A Qatari C-17 aircraft loaded with 50 tons of aid left for Port-au-Prince on January 14. The Qatari government also sent a rescue team to set up a field hospital; the Red Crescent will sent another $100,000.

Turkey: Three cargo planes -- carrying search-and-rescue teams, a mobile hospital and aid materials -- left for Haiti on January 16. Another two planes left yesterday. Turkey has also donated $1 million in cash.

United Arab Emirates: The UAE sent two planes loaded with tents, and a team from the UAE's Red Crescent will arrive in the Dominican Republic tomorrow to buy $500,000 worth of supplies and truck them to Haiti. Another 50 tons of emergency supplies will be air-lifted from Abu Dhabi tomorrow.

And these are just the countries in our area of interest -- I didn't include majority-Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, which have also made contributions. Oh, and the Islamic Society of North America set up a fund for Haiti, too.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Greg,
This comment almost got trashed because it arguably includes slander, since no one here knows what Jamie Allman did or didn't say and you provide no proof.

And by the way, it wasn't just 'conservatives' who noticed that much of the Muslim world was conspicuously absent, especially the oil rich Emirates and the Saudis. Nor was it even just non-Muslims, for that matter.

But, for the sake of argument..

As you will note, I also mentioned what aid there was that coming out of the Muslim world at the time this article was written.

It's also important to remember that 'pledges' do not equal aid, and as the Palestinians would tell you, they're frequently not honored by the Arab states.

It's nice to know that some of these countries were shamed into finally sending aid to Haiti by the bad PR more than two weeks after the disaster.

Israel, a tiny country with no petrodollars had an IDF field hospital up and running and a contingent of over two hundred aid workers there within a matter of days..even before the US.

Oddly enough, it was mostly the Muslim states without any oil wealth that were the first to respond among Muslim countries, which says something I think.