Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Gas Bag Crashes - AirAmerica Is Shutting Down

This week has been filled with defeats for the Angry Left:

Air America Media CEO Charlie Kireker tells staff the liberal radio network will cease live programming immediately and file Chapter 7 liquidation "soon."

Visit for more details.

The Leftard hate radio echo chamber simply doesn't bring in the listeners, because hard Left diatribes only work in college classrooms or at political rallies where the give and take of debate is non-existent.

Companies like Clear Channel used to use ad revenues from their conservative talk radio stations like KFI in Los Angeles to subsidize Air America outlets they owned, with the idea of gaining market share. But with ad revenues down and hardly anyone listening, I imagine they couldn't afford to keep throwing money away so the plug is finally being pulled.

Or maybe it's just that Air America just couldn't find any more underprivileged children to steal money from.

Good riddance.

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B.Poster said...

Yes good riddance indeed. While this is a bit of good news, we must remember that leftards like these hold many important jobs within the government and within the main stream news media. Within the main stream news media they are simply more subtle than on Air America and within the Government bueracracy they seek to undermine our national interests.

It used to be quite easy to make money being an anti-American leftists. Maybe things are changing. Perhaps having declared chapter 7 these people will be forced to find productive work. I certainly pray for them that they do find productive work and that they learn from this. Bankruptcy is NOT a pleasent experience.

In any event, good riddance to Air America. This is one small defeat for anti-American forces and the "fifth column" and one small victory for America. There remains much work to do.

Btw, it would not surprise me if 50% of Air America's most faithful listeners are employed by the Government in some capacity with the other 45% working in education at some level. As such, it should not surprise us that we cannot get a coherent foreign policy. Much of the people in charge of implementing it are actually rooting for the other team!! Also, given the situation with education, the students are being taught a jaundiced view of America and its history. Unless changed America's future is problematic at best. Small victory here. Celebrate for 10 seconds and move on. Much work still to be done.