Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti: "Our patients are dying and no one but the Israelis have come to help"

As I mentioned previously, Israel has sent substantial humanitarian aid to Haiti, including a full IDF field hospital.

For some reason, that hospital so far is the only functioning hospital at the quake site, as this interview by CNN's Elizabeth Cohen with Harvard Medical's Dr. Jennifer Furin reveals.

I'm surprised this ran on the usually anti-Israel CNN.

(hat tip, Carl)


B.Poster said...

Only the Israelis have come to help? We've sent MASSIVE aid over there. Where is it going? I suppose every one else is taking their own sweet time, including us. For many, a natural disaster is an opportunity to fatten their own bank accounts or to thump their chests about how noble and generous they are. After all, aid is handled by many non profit organizations who cannot account for much of the money they received. In other words, humanitarian aid is quite a profitable business.

In a way I'm not surprised that only the Israelis have stepped up here. Israel is the most generous and ethical country on planet earth. As I've stated here before, the Israeli decision to commit personnel to Haiti is a curious one, given the dire straits Israel is in back at home. I do hope that Israel can at least get some international good will out of this. In the next conflict, international good will, what some would call public relations, can go a long way.

Also, hopefully this will give the Americans an up close look at how the Israelis do things. We may need this expertise during our next natural disastee.

Anonymous said...

G-- bless Israel ! If we must have foreign assistance programmes for other countries, couldn't the countries at least be nice, civilised, enlightened, pro-Western countries like Israel , Iceland, Ireland, India, et al ? Something to ponder till we get an opportunity to elect a replacement for Zero in 2012.