Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown Vs. Coakely - The Day Of Decision

The polls are open in Massachusetts and the stakes are high.

I still rate this race as leaning towards Republican Scott Brown, and most polls show him leading handily. But anything can happen, and I urge Brown's campaign and supporters not to succumb to overconfidence.

The Democrats have actually made a taxpayer supported business out of stealing elections with bogus votes. ACORN and Obama's own Organize For America are very much on the ground and we can expect the dead to rise from their graves and vote Democrat, not to mention convicted felons, illegal aliens and numerous homeless people who addresses at given as the local Democrat campaign office or the public library.

Obama has put his personal prestige on the line, there are far too many sleazy political payoffs connected with passing ObamaCare and the stakes are high. Do not expect this to be a fair election, and unless Brown wins by an uncontroversial margin you can expect the Democrats to mount as many challenges as needed until they can 'find' the necessary votes to win. You'll see exactly what I mean if Brown wins by 2 percent or less.

In spite of their name, the leadership of today's Democrats have a contempt for democracy that is palpable. UberLefty Ed Schultz personifies this attitude.

Those of you in the Bay State that haven't already done so, now would be a splendid time to volunteer to help get the vote out and to poll watch.

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