Sunday, February 20, 2011

Libya On Fire - The Benghazi Massacre

Democratic protests in Libya have been met with harsh reprisals by Khadaffi's Army and security forces, with the death toll estimated at 200 so far.

The army fired on a funeral procession for 84 protesters killed previously by the security forces using snipers, machine guns and helicopter gunships while thugs in plain clothes reportedly attacked families in their homes.

"Dozens were killed ... We are in the midst of a massacre here," a witness told Reuters. The man said he helped take victims to hospital in Benghazi.

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According to a tweet by Tripolitan, Khadaffi's police are firing off hundreds of firecrackers to simulate gunfire and keep people in their homes.

On the positive side, al-Jazeera is reporting that some of the militray have reportedly sided with the protesters. And

They quoted Mohamed, a doctor from Al Jalaa hospital in Benghazi, who said:

"We are still receiving serious injuries, I can confirm 13 deaths in our hospital. However, the good news is that people are cheering and celebrating outside after receiving news that the army is siding with the people," he said.

"But there is still a brigade that is against the demonstrators. For the past three days demonstrators have been shot at by this brigade, called Al-Sibyl brigade."

The Warfala tribe, one of Libya's biggest tribes, has also reportedly joined the anti-Gaddafi protests.

What's fascinating of course, is the Obama Administration's silence, on a par with its silence on the harsh repression towards protesters in Iran.

Two of our country's avowed enemies are using open brutality to crush political opposition, and our president declines to speak out against it, even to offer token moral support.

That kind of condemnation appears to be reserved for our allies.

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Anonymous said...

Hillary the hypocrite was too busy telling Americans that protests should not be met with violence - During this speech she had a non violent protestor removed- a 71 year old VETERAN turned his back to her. He was manhandled and bruised inthis "peceful " encounter.
The one rule of this admin so clear in any situation- do as well tell you but not as we do unto you-

Freedom Fighter said...

Yeah, I saw that story. I haven't run it because I want to find out a bit more about what actually happened first.

But I quite agree with's all about do what we tell you and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


joe six-pack said...

All of this unrest throughout the Middle East. An area not known for its peaceful resolution of issues.
And we are seeing unrest in the United States that Europe saw last year, for the same financial reasons.

Change is not necessarily for the better.

Atlanta Roofing said...

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