Monday, February 21, 2011

More Horrendous Details Surface On Lara Logan Gang Rape

Additional details have come to light on what CBS reporter Lara Logan was subjected to by the mob in Tahrir Square:

According to one source, reported in The Sunday Times newspaper, sensitive parts of her body were covered in red marks that were originally thought to have been bite marks.

After further examination they were revealed to be from aggressive pinching.

It has also been revealed that she was stripped, punched and slapped by the crowd, which was labeling her a spy and chanting 'Israeli' and 'Jew' as they beat her.

And medical sources have revealed that marks on her body were consistent with being whipped and beaten with the makeshift poles that were used to fly flags during the demonstration.

As I mentioned previously, the reason she was hustled back to her hotel rather than to a hospital and flown out of the country two hours later without even making a police report is because aside from her earlier brush with Egyptian authorities as a 'Jewish spy', Logan, who is married, is technically an adulteress under Islamic law unless she could come up with the unlikely prospect of two Muslim males as witnesses. As one CBS source reportedly said "The way things are there now, they would have ended up arresting her again."

There are a number of cases I could cite where western women who have been raped and reported it to the police have ended up in jail on exactly those charges, usually to be expelled from the country in question after paying a suitable 'fine'.

I'm relating this for one reason - because I want you,my readers to understand the kind of culture and mindset we're dealing with. Yes, women get raped in western countries too. But unlike the Arab world, raping foreign women simply because they available, are thought of as 'Jews' and aren't covered from head to toe isn't condoned by our laws, customs or religion.

Not all cultures are created equal, and some are better off not imported to our own societies in the name of 'multiculturalism'. It's about time we realized that.

UPDATE: Some more graphic and definitely NSFW details over at Wizbang.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Let their customs stay in the hellholes they created.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Thanks so much for the comments at my place. I really appreciate it. The Wizbang report in nauseating. I'm glad to hear the administration is calling for some kind of justice, - but that will never happen.

The fact is, these countries are barbarians. We would do well to remember it.