Friday, February 25, 2011

Schooling Dave Weigel On 'Incivility'

Ex-Journolista Dave Weigel's column in Slate today wonders 'where are the thugs those rightwingers keep yammering about?'

According to him, it's all overblown, just a few crude insults and odd incidents amidst a largely peaceful bunch of union protesters.

Weigel claims his point is, "If you want the media to treat conservative activists as generally good people who have bad apples and assholes in their midst, you have to treat left-wing activists the same way."

Here's the difference, Journolista.

When some member of the Congressional Black Caucus outright lies and claims someone spat at him and he was called racist names at a Tea Party rally in DC, the Left's media whores make it into headlines and the story is repeated over and over again as gospel...even though not a single video of anything like that occurring ever surfaced,not even with $100K of Andrew Breitbart's money as an incentive.

When a congresswoman got shot by some whack job in Arizona, the Left's media jackals turned it into a front page Sarah Palin/Tea Party story and kept it at the top o' the stack for days.

OTOH, when SEIU thugs beat up a black Tea Partier ( and a handicapped one at that) in St. Louis, or when your friend President Barack Obama told his fanboys to 'get in people's faces' and started talking about playing by Chicago rules 'they bring a knife, we bring a gun' ...crickets. Except in Conservative media.

Take a look at the difference in how the story back in November of a MoveOn professional agent provocateur who broke through security, approached Senator-elect Rand Paul and was restrained by members of the crowd was treated by the Left's Amen Corner in the dinosaur media compared to the way the story of a union thug actually belting a girl holding a camera and knocking her to the ground yesterday is being handled. Or the lack of media hand wringing and coverage when Former Massachusetts Republican Congressional candidate Marty Lamb was knocked down by union thugs today at a Tea Party rally.

The Left by and large approaches this stuff as a war where anything's fair game and makes massive use of its media megaphone to demonize its political opponents,just like Sol Alinsky trained them.You know about that stuff first hand, Mr. Weigel. So where do you get the nerve to complain when you get a taste of the same tactics? Game, set, match.Right back at you. Where do you think we learned from?

You and your friends may long for the days when the alphabet networks, the Washington Post and Pravda-on-the Hudson controlled the news flow,but those days are long gone. What you're really upset about is that there's another megaphone out there nowadays, it's amplifying things you'd rather were kept quiet, it's slowly but surely waking people up and you don't like being on the receiving end, not even a little bit. Boo-freaking-hoo.

Let's see the Left model some civility for us, Mr. Weigel. Clean up your own house first before you start throwing rocks anyone else or suggesting how others should behave.

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Anonymous said...


But it's not only the way events are treated. It's also the number of events.

There are very few proven events at cconservative gatherings. On the other hand, every day we hear about something on the left. From physical events to profane trolling, they're busy, little bees.

And lest we forget,the left's handbook calls for "ridicule" and "calling them out for doing what you're doing yourselves." The left's leader ran a nasty campaign, tells real lies (not just statements based on faulty info)and made his living as a shakedown artist, a career that involves thuggery. He is known for his "Chicago way," which we all know is another name for threatening and cheating. The Right on the other hand, blows it by involving RINO's who refuse to even let their people bring up American-hating "pastors."

I'll admit one thing, tho', the left has balls. 'Cos it certainly takes some to accuse the right at a time when the left is promoting thuggery in various cities every single day in clear view of anyone who wants to watch.

I try to think of the left as just people who have a different political opinion. But ever since the last campaign, they have gotten me to actually hate them. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

Never thought my country would be dismantled piece-by-piece by an enemy president surrounded and protected by the complete media (yes, even Fox much of the time) and a gang including everybody from whites with racial guilt to black racists to potty-mouthed college kids.

It sucks. I want a real conservative next time for sure, but at this point, I'd vote for a(put in your noun of choice) before I'd let Obama serve another term.

It's past time. Impeach. Now.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the problem. If it wasn't for the Democrats, we could have been energy self-sufficient decades ago.