Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rahm Emanuel..Chicagoland's New Mayor

People get the government they deserve.

55% of the runoff.

Gery Chico had 24 percent, with Miguel Del Valle at 9.3 percent and Carol Moseley-Braun at 9 percent.

Apparently Emanuel's association with Obama helped quite a bit. He won a clear majority of Chicago's black vote over Moseley-Braun.

The cost? Over $13 million, almost four times more than Chico, the next closest.

It will be interesting tosee what effect this has on ex-Governor Blagojevich's retrial.

(via Memeorandum)

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louielouie said...

People get the government they deserve.

ah, ff is starting to catch on.
so what of the recent past election of 2010?
that's so old.......
get with the program.
when an avowed communist like CM-B can only get 9 percent of the vote, you know you're getting the gov't you deserve?
and no mention of the dead people either.
get ready for 2012.
here we come.
the electoral vote has been counted and certified.
hussein wins.
365 to 350.
not a typo.
i was going to say something about a sack and hair, but forgot what it was.
oh, yeah, and what retrial?

Freedom Fighter said...

Blago is getting retried after his first verdict ended in a hung jury on all but one minor count.