Sunday, February 20, 2011

Second Female Reporter Goes Public On Sexual Assault In Egypt

Apparently Laura Logan wasn't the only fenreghi female considered fair game by the mob in Tahrir Square.

Reporter Angella Johnson revealed in today's Daily Mail that she was also the victim of a sexual assault and just managed to escape the same fate:

The hand behind me thrust forward again, this time boldly grasping a fair amount of jeans-clad flesh.

I turned round sharply and glared at a young man who stood out in a crisp bright purple shirt but studiously avoided looking at me. He was no more than about 19.

I suspected he was the culprit and in any other situation would have confronted him angrily.

But in the mass of excitable men, their passions inflamed by hectoring chants and revolutionary songs blaring through speakers, I knew it could have resulted in an angry escalation. {...} it grew dark and a younger, rowdier element arrived in the square, that the mood shifted to a more sinister undercurrent.

These teenagers behaved like football hooligans, charging around in long conga lines.

When I got caught in the middle of one particularly boisterous group, they mobbed me and several attempted to grope and fondle my body.

Nothing Logan, just an uncovered infidel female who was fair game.

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