Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Palestinian Authority Pays Settlement To Jewish Family Over 1996 Terrorist Murders

It took 15 years, but the 'Palestinian Authority' finally made an out of court settlement for an undisclosed amount with the Ungar family over the murders of Yaron and his pregnant wife EfFi Ungar ( Z"l).They were two innocent young people whose lives were callously ended not because of anything they did, but because of whom they were.

This young couple were brutally slaughtered as they left a wedding in Beit Shemesh, just west of Jerusalem. Several Hamas members were convicted in Israeli civil court of the attacks.

The Ungar family sued the 'Palestinian Authority' in Rhode Island and successfully proved that that the PLO and Palestinian Authority provided a safe haven and operational base for Hamas, who carried out the actual murders. A judge issued a default judgment of $116M after the 'Palestinian Authority' refused to respond to requests for depositions from Yasser Arafat and others.

The 'Palestinians' lawyer, Ramsey Clark actually took this to the Supreme Court in an attempt to get the judgment vacated. The High Court refused, after which the scum actually started leaning on their buddies in the Bush Administration, claiming it would 'bankrupt' the PA - who are far from destitute, as regular members of Joshua's Army know. That effort was also ultimately unsuccessful.

Here's part of the complaint, which the Ungars' attorney Mark Wister were ultimately able to prove in full in court:

Plaintiffs allege that the PA and PLO: refused requests for the surrender of terrorist suspects, see id. ¶ 31; granted material and financial support to the families of members of Hamas who have been killed or captured while carrying out terrorist violence against Jewish civilians in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, see id. ¶ 33; assisted Hamas and its members in avoiding apprehension and punishment, see id. ¶ 34; and solicited Hamas and the individual Hamas Defendants to commit the attack on the Ungars’ vehicle, see id. ¶¶ 17-18, 36. Plaintiffs also claim that the PA employed several members of Hamas and other terrorist groups suspected of or charged with the murder of U.S. citizens as police officers and/or security officials. See id. ¶ 32.

It's not clear exactly what the terms of the settlement were, but since a federal judge had already issued a $116 million default judgment that was vacated as part of the terms of the settlement and a $100 million account belonging to the PA was frozen as a consequence, it was likely substantial, if not quite at the $116 million level. And it opens the door as a precedent for a great many other pending cases, including one involving the families of two US diplomats tortured to death in the Sudan on Arafat's orders.

As the Elder of Ziyon points out, Islamic Jihad is lividwith the PA for agreeing to a settlement over something as basic as murdering some Jews. Sheikh Khader Habib called the agreement "rubbish" and is demanding that the PA apologize to the Palestinian Arabs for even considering payment. He called it "a stab in the heart of Palestinian struggle."

Hey, let's give them a state, a Jew-free little reichlet. I'm sure they'll change overnight.

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