Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CBS Reporter Gang Raped In Cairo


CBS Reporter Laura Logan sustained what CBS news is describing as 'a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating' when she was separated from her crew in Tahrir Square on Friday during the celebration over Mubarak stepping down and was dragged off and attacked.

She was eventually rescued by a group of Egyptian women and a unit of 20 Egyptian soldiers. Translation: the women found out what was going on, alerted the soldiers and convinced them to intervene. No one, of course appears to have been arrested.

I suppose a significant part of the crowd in Tahrir Squre wasn't all that freedom minded and enlightened..especially when it concerned an unveiled ferenghi infidel woman within reach.

I wish Ms. Logan a prompt and speedy healing, both mentally and physically.

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Lucas said...

Good Lord.

I hope feministas say something about this.

PS: I won't hold my breath.

Puzzled is my middle name said...

The "feministas" will say that she was harassing the crowd with her camera crew. In their excitement over Mubarak leaving, the Muslim men decided to strike back at a symbol of their oppression. In other words, since America supported Mubarak, and Laura Logan is white, blond, privileged, and represents an American organization, she only got what she deserved. "Feminazis" - Rush Limbaugh's term for them - are LEFTISTS first, last and always.

louielouie said...

i wonder why bush had this done to her?

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to this women and all women who are brutalized by men, particulary in that part of the world where it is all too common. And how uplifting that it was a group of women, I presume, who rescued her, likely demanded the army come to her defence.

It's time for all good men to stand up to all the bad men out there, before we as women turn our backs on the lot of you!! Ok .. that's a bit drastic. But you get my drift ... it's time for the violence against women and children to STOP !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such racism & bigotry. Have you no respect for diversity? We have to respect other people's customs & beliefs, who are we to judge?
Gang rape & beating an infidel woman is just a harmless folk custom, you're all being Islamophobic. Anyway, it's her fault for not wearing a burka.

Rosey said...

This is just horrible. I think it's inappropriate to joke about it. This is something she'll have to live with for the rest of her life. I would like to see more media coverage of this incident, but we won't, because the Lame Stream Media won't want to make the "Revolutionaries" look bad. I think it's instructive in many ways, i.e., what these people are really like, and how the Lame Stream Media won't report in depth on something that goes against the desired narrative.

louielouie said...

if ff posts this, it means i haven't violated any of his parameters.

every so often i venture away from J/P, even though i'm sure ff would say how dangerous that is.
so i went looking for this story via google.
it is not so much that i found a story, but one of the comments. i did not reply to the comment at the site as i am not registered, and did not want to register there. i am posting the comment, in it's entirety here as follows:

Gotham Goddess

"But the sexual assault and beating that Logan endured underscores that the Middle East remains a particularly dangerous place for women."
I read this over and over again when men are reporting this story. Are you so naive? So narrow minded to think that this is about Muslims or Arabs or third world nations?
Rape happens EVERYWHERE.
Even on a couch on prom night while parents sleep up stairs.
And gang rape happens in every culture too-
American soldiers do it.
American men did it at Woodstock '99
And it keeps happening over and over again because men still don't get it. Fix yourselves, guys, and teach the young to STOP the violence. Yes, VIOLENCE.
Not sex.
Not passion.
And can we stop calling it a "sexual assault"?
And call it what it is:

this gotham clueless are the type of people i talk to all day long. no wonder i bang away at ff site so often.
what gotham clueless doesn't get, is that in the west when rape occurs it is against the law. an investigation follows and if possible a trial in a court of law and hopefully imprisonment for the guilty party(s).
what gotham clueless, the islamic apologist doesn't get, is that in egypt, lara logan was a woman out in public by herself without a male family member over 12 years of age.
at this point we, "ask the quida".
ms. logan will be justly sentenced to spend whatever time the quida sees fit, under sharia, in prison for her crime. the perpetrators in this case will be given a slap on the hand, and asked not to repeat this action.
if the quida were here he'd confirm my comment.
and lock gotham clueless up as well.

B.Poster said...

When Mr. Mubarak fell, the media was as giddy as school girls who have been asked on a date by the boy that they have a crush on that they barely know. Whereas a rational person might ask "who is this boy, "what are his intentions", "what does he really want", etc. School girls and media elites are not rational people.

In the case of school girls, they have an excuse. They have raging horomones and lack experience. The news media have no such excuses. They should have been asking questions like, "who is funding the revolution", "should they be successfull, what are their intentions", "how will American interests be affected, etc?" They didn't do this. Instead they acted school girls chasing after the boy they have a crush on who they know nothing about.

I'm not sure what Ms. Logan was doing here. Perhaps she was giddy at the overthrow of Mr. Mubarak and wanted celebrate with the crowd or otherwise got caught up in the excitement and let her guard down.

Perhaps its easy for me to criticize from my position, however, if I were CBS I NEVER would have had allowed Ms. Logan to be in a position wheere this could happen. Essentially she or other like her would not have been in the country at this time. You see unlike news meida executives and the reporters who are under their leadership I don't approach these things like a giddy school girl. I have a pretty good idea of the kind of people we are dealing with here.

I wish the best for Egypt. I WANT it to succeed but just because Mt. Mubarak is out does not guarantee success. We don't go around embracing things because they are oooooh soooo hot!! This is what giddy school girls do. Such behavior is probably expected in school girls even if it drives their parents crazy but it is downright unbecoming and unacceptalbe in adults.

If America wishes to survive, let alone thrive, its leaders will need to start behaving like adults and stop acting like school girls. The willingness to so quickly embrace the Egyptian revolution by Aemrica's leaders without any thing more than a superficial understanding of this thing is consistent with how a school girl would behave. This is yet another example of why America is not being led by serious people. I pray our leaders will get serious about their duties or we can replace them asap.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that women see this as the fault of all men. I would like to remind you that most men do not gang rape women and to accuse all men of violence against women and children is naive and stupid. Be angry at the actual people who commit criminal acts not at everyone of the opposite gender. To be honest it doesn't reflect on you well to make these bigoted statements.