Monday, February 07, 2011

Bush In 2012...?@##!?

I notice that Rich Lowrey and the NRO crowd are shilling quite loudly for Jeb Bush as the GOP nominee in 2012.I'm sure Karl Rove and some of the usual suspects will jump on this 'spontaneous eruption of support' shortly.

Apparently they finally figured out that Mitt Romney isn't going to work out so well as the anti-Palin, and that Obama is going to be quite vulnerable to any halfway decent Republican, so they're looking to advance Jeb's timetable up four years. Can't let those grubby Tea Party yokels take over now, can we?

This is proof that some people never learn, and that G-d truly has a sense of humor.

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louielouie said...

all that blather and not a single mention of ms. palin.
did lowry write that or ron reagan?

B.Poster said...

The establishment Republicans, the Republican party leaders, the Democrats, and the news media hate the Tea Party and Mrs. Palin. They will unite to try and eliminate common enemies. Once common foes are vanquished, there will be plenty of time to resume their fight with each other. At least that's the thinking on their part.

For establishment Republicans this creates a real problem. In order to be viable, they need the tea party and Mrs. Palin's supporters. As of right now, it appears they'd rather go down to extinction than to work constructively with these people. My suggestion to them would be to put down the knives and try to reach an equitable compromise with these people.

George W. Bush was the worst president to date in American history. He left office almost universally despised. Mr. Obama may do worse but not yet. In any event, the voters merely dislike many of Mr. Obama's policies. With former President Bush it became personal. Americans DO NOT like him. Even the mere mention of the name Bush stirs up feelings of anger. Frankly I'm shocked someone would even suggest Jeb Bush for dog catcher of a local community much less as a candidate for President.

Anonymous said...

We've had the father & the son ... what's next ? the holy ghost ?!