Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

We miss you.

And yes, Sarah Palin had something instructive to say about it:

please helps me write more gooder!

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B.Poster said...

I think a case could be made that Ronald Regaen was not only the best President of the 20th centruy but was the best President in the history of the Repbulic. When Mr. Regaen came to power the Soviet Union was the most powerful nation on earth and was actively opposed to the United States.

Due largely to his efforts within ten years of the time he took office the Soviet Union was gone. This was one of the most amazing accomplishments not only in modern times but in the history of the world!! I mean think about it he and his team managed to take down the most powerful nation the world had ever known and they managed to do it without massive casualties on the American mainland. Absolutely amazing!!

Unfortunately due to mismanagement on the part of those who came after him the Soviet Union is largely back in business even if it goes by another name. In substance, it is the same country but thats for another post.

Ronald Regaen was absolutely amazing!! It seems unlikely there will ever be another like him.

If he were alive today, it would be ineresting to know how he would solve the problems the country faces today. The problems the nation faces today are different from the ones that Mr. Regaen faced. As such, they will require different solutions.