Sunday, February 27, 2011

Iran's Bushehr Reactor In Trouble??


Today Iran confirmed IAEA reports that it had run into a serious setback and had to to remove all nuclear fuel from the reactor at the Bushehr power plant, which was supposed to have been fully online last summer but had been delayed by various factors until this month, when it was supposed to go fully online to coincide with Mohammed's birthday.

According to Iran's government run Iran's Fars News Agency the fuel is being removed for "technical reasons" by the Russian engineers in charge of the project.

Iran gave no reason for the unexpected fuel unloading, but the Stuxnet computer worm is known to have infected the Bushehr reactor and caused serious damage.Some analysts are suggesting that the entire core of the Bushehr plant is being replaced.

The bad news, of course is that even with this delay, the Iranians are still actively pursuing the acquisition of nuclear weapons.

The good news is that there is still a window of time to stop them.

Mullahs delenda est.

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Rosey said...

Wall Street Saying: It is better to be lucky than good. Obama, please take note...

Farrel, CT SA said...

Please give us your honest opinion - is Israel going to or not going to hit them and are they capable of doing this without a large scale regional war resulting? Lets be perfectly honest - nothing in this world at the moment is going to stop Iran from finalising a functional bomb or two other than a direct & unadalterated Israeli strike at the core. The fact is it will happen & Israel needs to act asap because no one else is going to - question is can and will Israel do it and can they beat off an Iranian response in a conventional or nonconventional confrontation that may result?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Farrel,
My honest opinion is (a) Israel is fully capable of launching a successful raid on Iran's nuclear facilities. It truly is a shame that it is left to Israel, because the United States could do so much more easily, fully and with a fair chance of engineering regime change without having to invade or engage in 'nation building.'

(b) Since there would be a significant political and diplomatic cost for Israel, especially from the Obama Administration, they are holding off as long as possible - it will be a last resort. That's what Stuxnet was all about - to buy time.

(c) There would be no regional war ensuing if they did so, although they might have to deal with some reaction from Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran's proxies.

That's my honest opinion.


Rosey said...

So you believe (as I do) Stuxnet was a present from the Mossad?

Freedom Fighter said...

I believe most of the technical part was done by the Mossad, while some of the funding, peripheral testing, and the mechanics of introducing it into Iran's computers via Siemens was done with the aid and connivance of the US.