Monday, February 28, 2011

Iranians Urge Muslim Boycott of 2012 London Olympics Over "Racist Zionist Logo"

The Islamic republic of Iran's National Olympic Committee has made a formal complaint to the International Olympic Committee over the official logo for the 2012 London Olympics, saying it is racist...because it has the word "Zion" in it.

In a letter to IOC President Jacques Rogge, the secretary general of Iran's Olympic Committee Bahram Afsharzadeh called for the logo to be changed and warned that it would call for other Muslim states to join them in a boycott of the Games if it wasn't.

"There is no doubt that negligence of the issue from your side may affect the presence of some countries in the Games, especially Iran which abides by commitment to the values and principles," the letter said.

The IOC said it joined London organizers in rejecting Iran's complaint.

"Our response is as follows: The London 2012 logo represents the figure 2012, nothing else," the IOC said. The logo has been public since London first began lobbying fo rth eOlympics, back in 2007.

Here's a bet - if Iran's efforts to get more Muslim countries to boycott the games start gathering momentum, watch how quickly the IOC caves to their paranoia and Jew hatred and changes it.

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SecondComingOfBast said...

Oh wow, how awful, some Muslims might boycott something and refuse to attend? Hey, you know, the United States of Zion has a damn nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

So nice that the British are accused of zionism

Freedom Fighter said...

Lol, Anonymous! Never thought of that one.