Friday, February 25, 2011

WI Assembly Passes Gov. Walker's Budget Bill

Wisconsin's State Assembly passed Governor Walker's Budget Repair bill after 60 hours of debate, which among other things limits the bargaining rights of Wisconsin's public sector employees to wages only and limits Union organizing.

The debate had gone on for three straight days, with Democrats attempting a filibuster, throwing out dozens of amendments and delivering rambling, sometimes incoherent speeches.

Literally every time the Republicans tried to speed up the proceedings, Democrats rose from their seats and interupted the speakers, claiming they were being ignored.

Finally, the vote started around 1 a.m. Friday with Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer, R-Waukesha, opening the roll and closing it as soon as a majority was reached. Many Democrats were caught unawares and erupted in the juvenile dispaly you see above, shaking their fists, booing and yelling "Shame!" and "Cowards!" as the Republicans simply walked on past them.

Odd that none of them would refer to the 14 Democrat State Senators who fled the state and are hiding out in Illinois instead of carrying out the people of Wisconsin's business as 'cowards'.

Because of those fugitive Senators, the game here is far from over.The bill has gone to the Wisconsin Senate, but without at least one Democrat in attendence it can't be passed. And the Democrats say they won't return unless they get their way. Governor Walker actually sent state troopers to the errant senator's homes looking for them, but so far none of them has returned to Wisconsin.

I'm not familiar with Wisconsin's laws, but I'm certain there is legislation somewhere about failing to serve and job abandonment.

It's interesting to compare the demeanor and tactics of these Democrats and their public employee union allies to the way the Tea Party and congressional Republicans behaved when ObamaCare was blatantly shoved through in disregard of all Senate rules and procedures.

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Shena said...

Finially...Something is done.
I'm proud of my democrat representation here in Wisconsin.

Freedom Fighter said...

Aside from the phony blogger ID 'Shena'( which means you're likely not from Wisconsin but just a bogus astroturfer) riddle me this..what exactly did your Democrat representative do aside from acting like a five-year-old throwing a tantrum?

Anonymous said...

I think Shena is eing arcastic...uh...aren't you?

The right dislikes government, except when necessary, but follows is rules. The left claims to love it, but throws tantrums ans screams at it when they don't get their way.

Oh, God, please let our government be run by grown-ups again.! (It's gotten to the point where I pray for impeachment every day.)

If I was a dem, I'd be embaressed to show my face.