Monday, June 13, 2011

American Jewish 'Activist' Arrested After Trying To Disrupt Jerusalem Day Festivities

So, you have a problem with whiny, ultra-Left treacherous Jews? Well, me too.

Lucas Koerner is a 'Jewish' sophomore at Tufts University majoring in International Relations and Spanish. He decided it would be great fun to harass marchers in Jerusalem on Yom Yerusalayim, the day Israelis celebrate the unification of their ancient capitol with parades and festivities.

He stood by the Damascus Gate in an Arafat-style keffiyah, and started haranguing the paraders, voicing cute slogans. “Israel is occupying the Palestinians in my name, in the name of world Jewry,” said Koerner, waving his American passport. “And I, myself, an American Jew, am here to say that it is completely unjustified!”

Actually, Mr. Koerner, it isn't an 'occupation' and it definitely isn't in your name,since you obviously cut yourself off from your brothers and sisters a long time ago . The famous response to the Wicked Son in the traditional Passover Haggadah is very appropriate here, that the redemption from Egypt was done for the Jewish people, not for him, and had he been in Egypt he would not have been redeemed from bondage.

The police asked Koerner to stop harassing the marchers (probably trying to save him from getting the crap kicked out of him) and asked to see his passport.When Koerner refused to hand it over, they arrested him for disturbing the peace. 'Palestinians' who were no doubt ready with cameras waiting filmed the arrest, which you see above.

Koerner wrote on his Facebook page that he “went limp” to resist arrest, although you can see him struggling to the point it took five policemen to wrestle him into the van. At one point, the keffiyah appears to be ties around his mouth as a gag - easily explainable since Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben- Ruby told The Jerusalem Post that Koerner bit a police officer during the course of his arrest.

“The video doesn’t excite me,” Ben-Ruby said. “It was taken after he was told he was arrested, he refused to cooperate with the police, and he bit a policeman, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t arrest him with force.”

As I said, they likely saved this creep from a well-deserved ass kicking.

Koerner as held in detention for less than 48 hours, at which point a judge from the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court probably saw he was a foreigner and decided to release him until his trial. Needless to say, Koerner promptly fled the country and returned to the US, where he'll probably be a hero to the Lefty anti-Israel set over at the Tufts campus. Of course, if he ever returns to Israel, he will be arrested upon entry and detained until he faces trial.

A fugitive from Israel. His parents must be so proud.

So, why am I devoting this much of my precious time to a maggot like this?

I often see non-Jews seething over the behavior of many Left wing Jews here in America ( and I guarantee you Lucas Koerner has some lovely talking points about his own country as well)and wondering why this kind of pernicious behavior occurs. That's a subject I've already addressed a few times. My main point here to assure my non-Jewish readers that the silent majority of Jews find the Lucas Koerners of this world just as obnoxious and poisonous as you do.

Jew haters and anti-Semites come from all walks of life...including Jewish ones. This is especially poignant as the Jewish ones are too stupid to realize that what starts out as deligitimizing Israel doesn't stop there, but finishes by deligitimizing themselves

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louielouie said...

gentile in the thread.
why do i get the impression that ff is talking about me in the entirety of the second to last paragraph??

Anonymous said...

Mentioned this before...the idiot is also wearing a che guevera tshirt. So it seems as he supports those that wish to commit genocide against the Jewish people he is already praising a Marxist mass murder whose goal was the destruction of the USA, just like the rest of the left wing dolts.

Too bad that Israel doesn't get his ass extradited back to Jerusalem. It would make a huge point. But then I doubt the US State Department would be of any help.They have a soft spot for antisemites.

Rob said...

Hi IP,
Didn't notice the shirt, nice catch, but I'm hardly surprised. Treasonous lil' Lefty Jews generally hate America as much as they hate Israel.

I doubt the Israeli government is going to waste the time and paperwork to request an extradition for a disturbing the peace rap, but on the good side, this creep will never pollute Eretz Yisrael with his presence again unless he wants to do jail time.

That's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

are you sure that he wasnt just kicked out of the country?

if he was released for a future trial, how did he get out?

the second he showed his passport, bells and whistles would have gone off

israel doesnt want to deal with slime like this

no...we in america...have to

his dad...a member of the mondoweiss crowd, is a piece of work too

btw, he wouldnt really be considered the evil least that son shows up to the seder...this kid has no connection at all to judaism or is people

Rob said...

What likely happened is that since he was a tourist and it was just a disturbing the peace charge, he was simply released from jail pending a trial, or maybe his folks made bail for him.

They wouldn't retain his passport for that kind of offense, so he simply left, saving Israel the expense of a trial. I bet you even money he came over via Birthright or a similar program.

Not surprised to hear about the father, kids learn this kind of nonsense somewhere.


Anonymous said...


he came over with a group from mondoweiss

why they arent banned from entering beyond me

america has a no fly list...anyone who is openly anti america, supportive of forces that would seek to harm or destroy this not allowed entry

lucas father is norman koerner...a jew hating, israel hating, commie bastard, who has indoctrinated this little idiot since birth

both of these tools are jews by accident of birth

hopefully both are now on israel's no fly list

of course, im still waiting for max blumenthal to be banned from israel...but i wont hold my breath

Anonymous said...

How do I apply to get placed on Israels no fly list?

Rob said...

I don't think you need to bother to apply. Like I said, "Jew haters and anti-Semites come from all walks of life...including Jewish ones."

Simply don't bother to lift up the rock and stay there with the other cockroaches and maggots and all's well.

Israel stays. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

is an American who opposes Israel "treachorous"?

or is that claim kinda overblown?

Israeli Jew said...

This didn't happen in America. It happened in our country Israel, where some creep was being publicly offensive and assaulted a police. We had every right to throw his punk ass out.

As far as Americans who hate Israel go, they easily forget, don't know or don't care everything America gets from Israel.Your president doesn't for sure. Not good for the USA or Israel.

Anonymous said...

@ I'm an American who supports Israel, but please be serious, whatever America has gotten from Israel is but a fraction of what American has given to Israel and done for Israel.

without the US, there wouldn't be an israel.

my two uncles smuggled guns in and the one who wasn't a US marine stayed and fought for your independence.

Israeli Jew said...

I don't think you are pro-Israel and I think you are lying about your uncles. The Americans who fought for Israel were mostly Jews, except for a few. Any Americans who were there were forced to go home.

It was not permitted for Americans to go to Israel and fight. Because Truman and Europe put embargo on Israel in 1948, but Britain armed the Arabs even though they said they want to kill every Jew.You agree with this when you say 'guns were smuggled.'

Israeli arms in 1948 were black market, mainly WWII arms from Europe.

U.S. sold no arms to Israel until Nixon.

Now with Obama, the US wants to be friends with Iran and drop Israel. See what thet gets you.

ufred said...

@ Israeli Jew----- I'm not a liar and you're a fool.

Americans did indeed smuggle guns to Israel and the Israeli government acknowledges that fact.

and my uncles were part of it....and why the heck would you assume that my uncles weren't Jews, you yutz?

Eric said...

His father is only a jew by birth, his mother is a devout christian.

Chaz said...

I really really think that that American Jewish kid (don't know his name snd don't want to) is beyond misguided BUT WHY GET SO UPSET ABOUT HIM... He is a NOBODY, and NO ONE takes him seriously... He was so busy TRYING to remember the "talking points" of his so called speach that hereally had NO IDEA WHAt HE WAS SAYING. The police handled him correctly and since he was there to disrupt he got said disruption... Who cares what happened to him or if he will or will not re-enter Israel. Do you guys really think he is harmful... Let him talk, the more he does the stupider he sounds...

Guys... There was no need to verbally assault a commenter who is pro Israel and it is not befitting that you automatically called him a liar.Why would anyone bother to say over and over that they are pro Israel and that his family fought for Israel.
When I read this I ASSUMED the guy had a Jewish backgriund so why did you assume he didn't ... I just do not get it...
There are so many of us, pro Israel Americans so why do you want to drive us way? Although you probably do not think it is ok for a Catholic like me to care about Israel I STILL WILL. There are many many Catholic's that are pro Israel. We ARE NOT those evangelical bible thumping crazies who want Jews to convert to Chrustianity. I think the Old Testament (I call it the Old Testament because we Catholics recognize a few more books than the Torah dies) is so so beautiful and I was raised on the beautiful histories it containes. The Torah may be even more profound than TheI New Testament scripture, I guess it really is, such wisdom. The Jewish religion is our base and we hold Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Elijah, Daniel and so so many other prophets as OUR forefathers.
I know it is not very "Catholic" of me but Jesu can be s even as another ohrophet amongst a long line. Many of us have OUR OWN version of spirituality and I for one do not let a "church" dictate my thoughts.
The things I live with are things like "he who is without sin cast the first stone," what is so wrong with that. Love thy neighbor guys... You can KILL with love (although I admit I'm not so sure how to love all Muslims!). I have faults, we all do... Maybe our misunderstanding of Muslims are s test of some sort.. I want to believe that all men have som good... I work on it anyway...
No need to let certain fools make you out to be a bigger one...
I hope your ok with my feelings here... My love footprint Israel wobt waived but you sure make it hard sometimes!!!!

Rob said...

Well Chaz, you're entitled to your opinion. But after reading what I see as a fairly confusing post, I have four questions only:

1) How would you feel if you were in a Veterans Day or July Fourth parade and some idiot was viciously and loudly insulting your flag and your country? Or yelling insults like 'the great whore' or 'Satan's church' while you were celebrating Mass? Wouldn't you take umbrage at anyone whom defended this idiot? And would you be against having the authorities remove that person?

JFTR, a lot of Jews, myself among them equate Arafat's 'Palestinian' kefiyah with a Nazi armband..not that far off when you consider what Arafat's real program was.

2) Why would anyone assume 'anonymous' was telling the truth given his views and anonymous status? It's a frequent tactic among people with his beliefs to lie about such 'ties' to Israel and Jews...kind of like saying 'some of my best friends are black.'

2) Why would someone who claims he's so tolerant rant about "those evangelical bible thumping crazies who want Jews to convert to Chrustianity", I wonder? I'm a committed Jew who hangs with a lot of Evangelicals, Mormons and yes, pro-Israel Catholics. None of them has ever tried to convert me, and in discussing this with them, most of them wouldn't even consider trying to convert a committed, practicing Jew.

3) You say directly that "There are so many of us, pro Israel Americans so why do you want to drive us way?" and "I hope your ok with my feelings here... My love footprint Israel wobt waived but you sure make it hard sometimes!!!!" (SIC)

Whose driving you away and how is Israel 'making it hard sometimes?'