Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ethics Challenged Leftists Never Have To Say They're Sorry ; Ousted NPR Exec Goes To NBC News

You'll remember Vivian Schiller, the former NPR the former National Public Radio president and CEO who 'resigned' over the fallout from the Juan Williams firing and an incident where two of her top fund raisers attended a lunch meeting with two conservative activists who posed as open members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group and baited the sting with an offer of a $5 million donation...that NPR essentially offered to launder for them.

Yes, that was the one where Schiller's troops were caught on camera harshly disparaging Christians, Tea Party members and Republicans and nodding agreement at remarks about Jews running the media and giggled happily when one of the faux Muslim Brotherhood members referred to NPR as 'National Palestinian Radio.'

Yes, that one.

Well guess what, she's resurfaced, and is now back in the biz, working at NBC News in the newly created position of Chief Digital Officer.

Like I said, being an ethics challenged Lefty means never having to say you're sorry...because you fellow Leftys in the dinosaur media will always have your back and help you keep your nose in the trough.

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