Saturday, June 18, 2011

Andrew Klaven Compares Paul Ryan's Plan With Barack Obama's

As usual, Klaven gets to the bottom line with his wicked wit intact....

please helps me write more gooder!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. You got fooled by an acrostic. Awesome.

Rob said...

*Chuckle* All that trouble by a gutless wonder who's anonymous to write 'Rob is a pussy'. And so easily deleted, after the hours it took you to come up with it. Better check your keyboard, troll..I think you have more than just time on your hands.

Of course, it's a lot easier than taxing your limited brainpower and coming up with any real arguments, isn't it?

BTW, it's 'pussies' like me that make pricks like you stand to attention...because engaging in a battle of wits with those of your ilk is roughly equivalent to me engaging in a boxing match with a quadruple amputee.

I'll give you a tip, troll. Come up with an actual factual argument without the four letter words and the silly invective, and you might find out you get a reasoned response in return.