Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The New Democrat Target...Now It's Michele Bachmann's Turn To Be Demonized

To those of you who thought Sarah Palin was too damaged by the Obama media hit teams to be a viable candidate, my response has always been that they were going to turn their guns on anyone and try to destroy them just as they did Governor Palin if they felt they were threatening President Obama's re-election. It's how the Angry Left operates.

Proof of the point surfaces today as Rep. Bachmann surges in the polls, with a barely literate, hate crazed rant in Rolling Stone that focuses on Michele Bachmann's religion her family, and her 'batsh*t crazy views" by one Matt Taibbi. The illustration below should save you the trouble of actually reading this trash.

Odd isn't it, how the Left is so anxious to accuse anyone they disagree with of racism and bigotry yet is so eager to practice it themselves.

To give you an idea of Taibbi's mentality, here's a quote from an appearance he put in promoting the Bachmann hit piece on Wednesday’s “Imus in the Morning” program:

“Actually, yeah, I’m actually kind of rooting for her to win the nomination, because I can’t wait to see the porn movies that they make,” Taibbi said. “Bachmann-inspired films are going to be great.I mean, who didn’t see ‘Nailin’ Palin’ – that was classic cinema.”

Taibbi appears to have unfortunately been raised without any morals or common decency whatsoever, and probably doesn't understand what's wrong about portraying someone's devoted wife and mother in that fashion. I'm sure Todd or Track Palin or Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus or her sons Lucas and Harrison would be charmed to explain it to Mr. Taibbi in a quiet area somewhere up close and in person exactly what they find offensive about that viewpoint.

Heck, Piper Palin could probably have him screaming for mercy.

Notice that they're not attacking Mitt Romney much? It's because they don't consider him a threat, and are holding their bile until they see if he actually gets the nomination. Michele Bachmann? Now, she's a threat and has to be taken out early.

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louielouie said...

i certainly hope the blood on that sword is taibbi's.
you won't be seeing any korans and simitars in anyones hands in illustrations in rolling stone.
not as long as the islamist and looney left have the same idea for the country formerly known as the united states of america.

Anonymous said...

Rob -

You have a bad habit of commenting on things that you refuse to learn anything about. The Book of Mormon was a recent example (you won't see it, read about it, or learn anything about it). Now you're commenting on a Rolling Stone article that you obviously haven't read.

Between your post and Taibbi's article, he has the upper hand. All I could find in your post was angry invective. Taibbi, on the other hand, actually does investigative reporting and one walks away from the article having learned something. Your post is empty calories by comparison.

You're always bitching about 'logic' and 'reason'. Those are meaningless words coming from someone who can't even bother to refute a single fact in the article he's disparaging. I'm sure you'll take this comment the wrong way and choose to call me names. But you would be doing your readers a service if you actually read the article and told us why Taibbi is in the wrong here.

Rob said...

Hello Troll,
How are things?

Talk about logic and reason, you make several unfortunate assumptions.

One, that I didn't read the article. I did,( and provided a link for anyone else who wishes to subject themselves to it). And if this is what you classify as 'investigative journalism' it explains a great deal about your viewpoint in general.The only thing one could 'learn' from this is that the writer is a bigoted misogynist partisan jerk off.

The remarks I posted from his interview on Imus and the illustration from the article tells you everything you need to know, and I did so to give my readers a taste of who Taibbi is and what the article is about.Just a whiff of the stench, so that they get the sense of it and needn't wallow in it.

Same thing with "The Book of Mormon". Just checking out the song lyrics and looking at the show's publicity is plenty to tell you how bigoted it is.

Tell me, Troll. How would YOU like some moron talking about how he'd like to see your wife or YOUR mother or your sister or daughter vilified in a porn film? Obviously, you see nothing wrong with that as long as its done to some 'Right Wing, Batsh*t crazy wack job' to paraphrase Taibbi.

Investigative journalism???

I see absolutely no reason to dignify this kind of partisan, barely literate rant with an in depth analysis. it isn't worth it, any more than I 'd would try to 'explain' hatred of blacks or someone thinking he was Napoleon.

Now if YOU actually want to have the cojones to present a reasoned, factual argument( and an actual name and e-mail) about why Rep. Bachmann might not be a good president, different story.

But I rather doubt you would.


B.Poster said...

I think this is an illustration of why decent people are hesitant to run for public office. Decent people don't like being demonized like this. Certainly criticism of Ms. Bachmann's policy positions may be warranted but it is a shame to see a fundamentally decent person like this viciously smeared in this manner.

Anonymous said...

"Ms. Bachmann" deserves to be smeared as that is what she does to everyone else. It is a shame that our glorious GOP only has nutty broads and no intelligent women being elevated to prominence. There is no shortage of smart women in the GOP, it is just that we never let them succeed; too caught up in the insanity of people like Palin and Bachmann. This crazed lunatic wants to ban porn? Why? If we continue to state that guns don't kill people, people kill people, what possible reason could Bimbette Bachmann have for such a ludicrous statement? Her hatred of the gay community is somewhat confusing, particularly since her husband's sexuality is a huge question mark.

Rob said...

Oh, hello Troll!
This was a particularly funny one, so I let it through.

Ho ho, you talk about someone else smearing people when you refer to Rep. Bachmann as 'a nutty broad', a 'crazed lunatic' and a hater of homosexuals without a shred of proof! And you throw Governor Palin in for good measure and accuse Michele Bachmann's husband, the one she's had five kids with, of being a closet homosexual. Hee hee, talk about smearing and hate, LOLZ! Look in the mirror, Troll.

Michele Bachmann is an ex-tax attorney and a successful business owner, and I can guarantee you she has at least fifty points on you when it comes to IQ, and I'm being very generous. I won't even tell you where you rank as far as Sarah Palin's concerned.

And don't think anyone's fooled by that 'glorious GOP' crap. I'm not a Republican myself, but I know a lot of them and you lack the basic mental qualities and opposoble digits to qualify.

I don't really mind you coming around when you provide such superb entertainment value, but don't expect to be taken seriously.