Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iran Launches New Satellite, Offers Missile Umbrella To Muslim Nations

According to its State TV, Iran has successfully launched a second satellite into space, called 'Rashad' or observance.

"Our glorious scientists successfully put Iran's first image-collecting satellite into orbit," the TV report said.

The satellite, which weighs about 34 pounds has been designed to orbit the earth 15 times a day at the height of 160 miles, and was put into orbit by a a Safir missile.

This is Iran's second satellite. The first one, Omid, was launched in 2009.

Satellites like Rashad and Omid are,of course, dual use. Just as the the same technology that allows missiles to launch satellites can be used to fire warheads, satellite technology can be used to target them.

In a related development, Iran has offered a missile umbrella to Muslim nations, per Majlis Speaker and former Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani. ( h/t, The Optimistic Conservative)

“We do not hide our defensive advancement and (we) have designed advanced missile systems… Israel and the U.S. should know that if they want to act violently toward Muslims, we will stand in their way,” Larijani told students at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Like its satellites, Iran's nuclear technology is not only defensive, but offensive and that's exactly how the mullahs will use it. Once it's fully in place, they can easily use it to shut down the oil flow in th ePersian Gulf at will and blackmail any Arab nations cooperating with the US like the Saudis, Bahrain and the UAE. Exactly how do you think the Saudis or Kuwait would react to an Iranian threat to either kick the US out of it's bases there or face a missile attack on its oilfields?

Of course, since President Obama pulled the rug out from under our allies in Eastern Europe and aborted the planned missile defense facilities we had planned to build there, Europe is likewise liable to nuclear blackmail and threats.

Meanwhile, the current occupant of the White house is otherwise engaged.

In later years, the American people are going to look at the Obama Administration as Jimmy Carter on steroids. And just as with Carter, we are unfortunately going to have to deal with the resulting fall out for quite some time.

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louielouie said...

we are unfortunately going to have to deal with the resulting fall out for quite some time.

at least four terms.