Monday, June 06, 2011

Cooked Weiner - Finally Admits Posting Lewd Photos To Twitter

Faced with total exposure, Congressman Anthony Weiner finally admitted that yes, that was his cocktail frank straining his shorts that was posted via twitter, and to making 'terrible mistakes.'

Addressing the media at the Sheraton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, Weiner made the following statement: “Last Friday night I tweeted a photograph of myself that I intended to send as direct message as part of a joke to a woman in Seattle. Once I realized I posted it to Twitter, I panicked, I took it down and said that I had been hacked. I then continued with that story to stick to that story which was a hugely regrettable mistake.”

“I am so sorry to have disrupted her life in this way. To be clear, the picture was of me and I sent it. I am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife Huma and our family, and my constituents, my friends, supporters and staff,” Weiner said.

In things like this, it's always the attempted coverup that does more damage than the act itself. Although I notice he's still trying to deflect criticism by referring to it as 'a joke'. It wasn't, especially since it appears it was more than a one time lapse, and with more than one woman . And it turns out Andrew Breitbart was right all along, wasn't he?

I actually feel sorry for Weiner, just a little, and I don't see any call for gloating. We've all screwed up at one time or another, and he just got married to Huma Abedin, a very attractive longtime personal aide of Hillary Clinton's less than a year ago. That's not going to be a very pleasant situation for either of them at home, and a tough one to work through.She has to be thinking 'Wasn't I enough?'

Who is Huma Abedin dating?

On the other hand, they have the Clintons to help advise them...maybe I shouldn't have said that.

At any rate, I wish Congressman and Mrs. Weiner the best of luck in getting through a tough time.

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louielouie said...

maybe the weiners and the favres can form a support group.
maybe i shouldn't have said that.
i just googled brett favre to make sure i spelled his name correctly, and the third or fourth item is an article about this weiner guy.

Hube said...

That's Huma? WOW!! Looks a lot like Vanessa Marcil, who I consider one of the most beautiful women in the world. If Weiner freakin' nuts????

Rob said...

Dunno Hube, but apparently his nuts were freakin, if you get my drift.

Huma is certainly attractive, but I have to admit I don't see a resemblance between her and Vanessa Marcil, except that they're both brunettes..Huma has a different figure, thinner face, just a different look.

Rosey said...

"She has to be thinking 'Wasn't I enough?'"

She's enough for Rosey. But for Weiner I can't say.

What's with these idiot Dems? Didn't they invent the Internetty? If so, then they should know that EVERY IP address is traceable, just like your DNA or your fingerprints.

Gotta use an anonymous e-mail account at an internetty cafe...

B.Poster said...

Umfortunately this is not a serious country right now. At least the news media is not serious. We should be talking about things like the following:
1.) how can we get our economy moving, 2.)how can we improve our militry readiness and enhance our national security, 3.)we depend on people who don't like us for much or our energy supplies and what are we going to do about it,
4.)should we increase the debt ceitiling, 5.)we've had a great deal of deadly tornadoes lately, how can we improve our readiness, for these types of things and save lives, and 6.)hurricane season is upon us, what have we done to ensure we done to ensure we don't have a repeat of Hurricane Katrinas, specifially what steps have FEMA and the government made to ensure they are more prepared next time.

while these issues barely scratch the surface of what needs to be addressed, these issues are very serious issues. A serious people and a serious media would be addressing these things. Furthermore a serious people would ensure that the media stays on track and presses the politicians and government workers on these things to address them.

Instead of focusing with single minded determination on issues such as this, what are the top two issues the media and the public choose to focus on? In this order, 1.) Sarah Palin's account of Paul Revere and 2.) Anthony Weiner's twitter mistake.

Mrs. Palin holds no public office nor does she hold a postion wihtin the GOP or its leadership. She simply does not warrant this attention. As for Mr. Weiner, while he does hold public office, his twitter problems do not warrant this attention. I listed above some of the many problems faced by our country. I'm more interested in how he and his colleagues plan to address them than I am interested in what he does on twitter. A serious people would be as well. Given the fact that all the American people have done lately is feed these frenzy regarding Mr. Weinter's twitter problems and Mrs. Palin's account of Paul Revere, sadly the only conclusion to be reached is the Aemrican people, as a whole, are not serious people. This is most undfortunate. These are VERY serious times.

I think your post nails it!! There is no cause for gloating and yes we have all screwed up at one time or another. I wish the Congressman and his wife the best. My thoughts and prayers are with him, his wife, and his family. As for his political future, that will be up to his constituent. As for his family, I pray he and his wife will work it out.

Hopefully we, the American people, will get to addressing serious issues. Issues like this are an enoromous distraction. Its distressing that the American people would allow this distraction and that they would not only allow the media to cover these things extensively but would actually encourage it.