Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Breaking: Weiner And Huna Abedin Are Expecting. Weiner To Resign Tonight?

The Weiner story just took a new twist. Apparently the congressman and his wife, Huna Abedin are expecting their first child.

According to what the NY Times genteely refers to as 'three people with knowledge of the situation' Huna Abedin, 35, is in the early stages of pregnancy.

At the same time, the Weiner saga just gained even more traction as an x-rated photo of Weiner's weiner has surfaced.

While Andrew Breitbart had the shot, sent to one of the congressman's virtual hootchies, he had declined to release it. Unfortunately, apparently in a move to prove his credibility, Breitbart showed it to satellite radio shock jock Gregg Hughes,AKA Opie while he was being interviewed and Hughes took a clandestine photo of it and released it over the internet.

Meanwhile, a number of Democrats are calling for Weiner to resign. And I've heard a very strong rumor from a reliable source that he's going to do just that, tonight.

The person I feel sorriest for in this whole sordid mess is Weiner's wife, Huna Abedin. I can just imagine how she feels, being married for the first time at age 35, being hit with this out of left field - and now finding out she's pregnant to boot.

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louielouie said...

every time some one comes into the store.
every time i read something regarding this incident, i can't help but think/wonder:
could anyone have made up a story like this?
would anyone believe it?
hangover was a hit.
and gave us hangover II.
will this weiner, give us weiner II?
maybe we should consult boehner?
.....oh dear g-d.......