Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bloggers Win Huge Free Speech And Fair Usage Victory

You'll remember that a sleazy, disreputable firm of weasels in legal form called Righthaven was attempting to profit by suing bloggers for supposed 'copyright infringements' of clients like The Las Vegas Journal-Review and other clients.

A federal judge not only dismissed a key test case, but accused Righthaven of making "multiple inaccurate and likely dishonest statements to the court" and has given them two weeks to explain in writing why it should not be sanctioned "for this flagrant misrepresentation to the Court."

A few bloggers who already made out of court settlements with these bandits will likely have to file suit to recoup the monies paid and any legal fees.

A huge win...but I urge people to continue not to link to or cite any news sources like the LVRJ that participated in this scam, just to teach the scum a lesson.

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