Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Joshuapundit Makes The List Of Top 150 Conservative Sites!


Well here's a nice surprise. courtesy of Doug Ross.. based on Alexa's traffic rankings, Joshuapundit is now one of the top 150 conservative news and blogs sites, clocking in at number 142. The top three FYI were the Wall Street Journal, RealClearPolitics and HotAir.

Many thanks to all my valued readers...

I'll permit myself a brief, dignified WHOO HOO!

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louielouie said...

however, to rain on your parade, purusing the list, i've never thought hugh hewitt conservative. nor the weekly standard either.
they are pure republican.

Right Truth said...

Oh Yippie! This is just great and well deserved too. Congratulations.

Right Truth

Terresa/NoisyRoom said...

Congrats! Yours is by far one of the best blogs on the Web. :)