Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Iran Ups The Ante, Test -Fires Long Range Missiles Able to Hit Israel, US Bases

Iran has decided to send a definite message to the US and to Israel regarding its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Yesterday, the Iranians revealed for the first time that they have underground missile silos as part of the 10 days of war games that began on Monday under the name of “Great Prophet 6.”

The video above shows a couple of Revolutionary Guard officers touring a missile site containing a Shahab 3 ballistic missile with a range of 1,243 miles ( 2,000 kilometers), which puts both Israel and US bases in the Persian Gulf in range..which is exactly the message Iran intended to send.

"The range of our missiles has been designed based on American bases in the region as well as the Zionist regime," Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh told Iran's Fars news agency. "The Americans have reduced our labors," Hajizadeh told Fars. "Their military bases in the region are in a range of 130, 250 and maximum 700 km in Afghanistan which we can hit with these missiles."

Without a trace of irony he added that the 'Great Prophet 6' war games are a "message of peace and friendship to countries of the region." As part of that message, Iran's Revolutionary Guards fired 14 missiles, nine Zelzal missiles, two Shahab-1s, two Shahab-2s and one upgraded Shahab-3 missile.

Iran also has a solid fuel missile, the Sajjil, which has a longer range and canhit Europe.

It's uncertain exactly how many underground silos Iran has, but if they're substantial, it's a sign that the Iranians have deliberately dispersed their launching sites in order to limit any damage from a potential attack and to be able to inflict maximum damage.

As I've said before, we're going to pay dearly for continuing to allow this to continue as long as it has.

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B.Poster said...

"As I've said before, we're going to pay dearly for continuing to allow this to continue as long as it has."

There really is nothing we can do to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. As such, it is inaccurate to state we are "allowing" something to happen. Since we can't prevent it from happening, we can't be "allowing" it to happen.

Retired military commanders have finally started to admit what I've known for quite some time. Our military is "exhausted." We simply don't have the resources, the technical savy, the training, the man power, or the equipment to be able to effectively confront Iran directly. Also, given our massive national debt and tanking economy, there's simply no way for us to acquire what we need. Our only real option is to withdraw all forces and personnel from the Middle East and redeploy them to our borders. At least this way they actually have a fighting chance to defend our country.

There is a country who can prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. This is Israel. Their training, weapons systems, tactics, and other forces are superior to ours and logistically they are in a much better position than we are. Our best bet would be to get out of their way as they handle this problem. We might be able to help the Israelis with intel, however, given the lack of competence in American intellegence services it is unlikely we would be able to supply them any thing of value. Again, our best option is get out of Israel's way as they handle this problem.

I think it highly probable that Israel would be successful. In any event, the less American involvement in this the more likely it is to succeed. We simply don't have the resources or expertise to be able to contribute much here. While I think Israel would likely succeed, in the event that they should fail, at least by redeploying our forces to defesnsible positions along our border, we will now have a fighting chance to defend our country.

louielouie said...

Iran has decided to send a definite message to the US

this is a really funny statement.
like anyone is paying any attention.
maybe four or five of us.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that the US could send a missile around the dark side of the moon and land it in Ahmahdinijad's favorite goat stall. So, when do we begin?