Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just FYI - GOP Debate Roundup


The GOP debate got a great deal of attention from some interesting sources. At lot of pundits seem to agree with my take that the big winners were Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney, both of whom definitely looked presidential.
Mark Steyn
weighs in and makes comic fodder of CNN's hapless John King and some of the circumlocution on foreign policy issues, but hearts Michele Bachmann and includes a link to his fave photo of her, with hopes it doesn't ruin her campaign.

Nate Silver over at his New York Times 538 blog sees the door opening for Texas Governor Rick Perry and closing for Governor Sarah Palin, while the WAPO's Dana Milbank saw Michele Bachman as stealing last night's show. In fact, it appears that a lot of people were pleasantly surprised by Michele Bachman's performance, ( the NRO's poll showed 41% calling Bachmann the winner, as opposed to a mere 20% who thought Mitt Romney did) which means the Left wing attack machine probably got its marching orders from the White House today to dig for dirt on Rep. Bachmann. Even The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, a True Obama Believer tweeted: “Romney’s polish was perhaps to be expected. But Bachmann is much newer to politics than much of the field. Her ease is impressive.' Ummm, Ezra, it comes from knowing what you're talking about. As opposed to reading from a teleprompter.

Michael Barone sees no clear frontrunner, but sees both Bachmann and Romney strengthened by their debate performance, and Pawlenty weakened. Steve Kornacki, Salon's news editor and obviously no Republican nevertheless described Michele Bachman's performance as 'something of a revelation.'

Bill Kristol over at The Weekly Standard asks an interesting question - which potential candidates who weren't present last night were helped or hurt by last night's debate?

And of course, there's VodkaPundit's live Drunkblogging....sample line - "How do you tell the difference between CNN and MSNBC? One makes you wish it made you laugh."

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