Friday, June 17, 2011

Awful Woman Steals Baseball From Child

This one beggars belief.

During a game between the Astros and the Diamondbacks at Minute Maid Park, a player tossed a baseball to a little girl in the stands. An absolutely horrid woman standing next to her first tried to reach in front of her to get the ball. When she missed and the little girl caught it, the woman simply ripped it out of the girl's hands and took it away from her. And then turned to her group to show off 'her' baseball and garner a few high fives from her friends while the little girl walked away heartbroken.

You have to wonder about someone like this. What she was thinking, how she justified it, whether she'd been spayed yet.

There was a time when no adult would think of doing this to a child, or if one forgot themselves and did, they'd risk major feedback and retaliation by decent society.

On the bright side, the play-by-play guy noticed this, talked to the Astros and reportedly came up with an autographed ball for the child. And many of the commenters on the original story had the same reaction I did.

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Anonymous said...

That's because in our liberal progressive do it if it feels good society anything goes.

Rosey said...

That exact thing happened to me at Shea stadium when I was 4 years old...So nothing has changed...

Rob said...

Gosh Rosey, that's terrible! It must have hurt quite a bit at the time, and I'm sorry it happened.

kira said...

"So nothing is changed" ? Is Rosey saying that he still has balls taken from him in present day, or that the girl's experience is a representation that the world is the same, as then, and we are resigned to the idea that balls can be taken, from us all, because, if #2's the case, then I disagree.