Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner To Resign

Congressman Anthony Weiner is expected to announce his resignation this afternoon.

I think the latest photo that was released, showing Weiner cross dressing was the final straw, and I expect that his wife,who returned from overseas yesterday and is Muslim gave him an ultimatum.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), head of the the Democratic National Committee, said she had no comment about the resignation and only knew what she read on her BlackBerry. ( !)

Rep. Jerry Nadler, a fellow New York City Democrat, told POLITICO “It’s very sad, the whole thing is very sad. It’s a tragedy and I wish him well, what else can I say?”

Rep. Nita Lowey, one of the more senior New York Democrats, told POLITICO. “There’s life after Congress. I hope that he spends his time devoted to his wonderful wife Huma and I wish him good luck.”

Nadler and Lowey both shrugged when asked about his political future in New

As I mentioned before, the Weiner scandal and the reaction of his defenders within his own party is symptomatic of a major disintegration of our politics. The congressman would have been a major security liability had he remained in office and should have resigned long ago, and I'm glad to see he finally did, for whatever reason.

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B.Poster said...

He hasn't resigned yet. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Before I read this about on another web site I had been predicting that Mr. Weiner would not resign. After all, he was facing no significant pressure from any one to resign.

Why should he resign? Perhaps this photo was the final straw. Didn't Rudy Guilani cross dress? He didn't have to resign. Maybe I've got my politicians wrong.

If Mr. Weiner does in fact resign, then my prediction that he would not resign was wrong. I never thought it would happen or that such a thing would even be seriously considered.

louielouie said...

i would say he is a less cocky weiner.

B.Poster said...


Perhaps you are right. Another possiblity is a high ranking position within the government bureaucracy or perhaps even a Cabinet level within the Presidential Administration. Perhaps not in the current Adminisration but in the next one or a future one. He's only 46 years old. Either of these types of positions could give him far more power than he would have as a Congressmen.

Instead of being "less cocky", he might be even more cocky. Even as I'm writing this, he and his people may be negotiating the compensation package for a high level position within the government bureaucracy. This is the most likely outcome for him. He likely has enough political clout to get one of these. The compensation will likely be higher than his $146,000 or so he made as a Congressman and he will have more power. In addition to this, government bureaucrats don't face any where near the scrutiny that Congresmen tend to face.

Not only may he not be less cocky, he may be laughing at all of us. A more influential paying position that pays him more money and where he will face less scrutiny by the media may be awaiting him. It may already be arranged between him, his team, and his future empolyer and may be waiting for him when he gets out of "rehab." The weiner may be cockier than ever at this point.

Rob writes: "the congressman would have been a major security liability had he remained in office..." With all due respect you speak as though this is past tense. His next job may be as a high ranking offical within the governemnt bureaucracy. This could give him far more power and influence than he would have had as a member of the House and he will face less scrutiny.

Also, a high level Cabinet position within a future presidental administration may in his future. That may not happen in this administration but it could happen in a future one. He's only 46 and he no doubt has allot of friends. The high ranking postion within the bureaucracy could happen immediately after he leaves "rehab."

As such, it may not be a question of he would have been a major security liability. He may still be one and perhaps a greater one. Essentially I think it unlikely that his career in government is finished. Finally, if he wants, he may run for and win public office again, after the controversy from this dies down and it will die down. He likely has the resources and the connections to be able to do this.

B.Poster said...

According to the article, apparently the Clintons are "livid." Good thing for Mr. Weiner the Clintons don't have the power they once had. Mrs. Clinton is little more than Mr. Obama's water boy at this point. Also, the notion that he is done for 10 to 15 years is likely off base as well. As for elected office, it will likely take one to two years for this to blow over. Had he simply told the truth at the start it would not take that long. As for a high ranking position within the government, this can happen immediately for him.