Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pakistanis Tip Off U.S. Enemies - Again

I can't imagine why items like this would surprise anyone at this point.

Apparently the CIA decided to carry out a little experiment. The CIA had discovered location of two 'factories' in Waziristan used to make bombs and IEDs to be used against American forces in Afghanistan. To avoid any problems with the Pakistanis they informed them of the location of the bomb factories and then monitored the area with satellite and unmanned drones to see what would happen.

Within a day or so after the Pakistanis received the intel, the CIA watched the jihadis leave taking all their weapons explosives and tools with them. Only when the goodies and the terrorists were safely removed did the Pakistani military visit each site...where they of course found nothing.

The Pakistanis, of course, are saying the tip must have come from tribal leaders, because they claim they're unable to enter these parts of Waziristan without telling them in advance. But if that's true, and the area isn't actually under Pakistani control, why would Pakistan be so upset if a drone with a couple of Hellfire missiles turns these weapons factories churning out armaments to be used against our troops into halal rubble and barbecue?

The truth of the matter is that there are significant elements in both the Pakistani military and it's ISI intelligence service that regard the jihadis as allies and the US as their enemy. And that applies to the populace of this basket case of a country as well.

It's significant that at least two of the sites in question were reportedly run by the Haqqani network, which is part of the Taliban, closely allied with al-Qaida, actively involved in killing U.S. troops and civilians in Afghanistan..and supported financially and logistically by the ISI.

Pakistan is a corrupt rogue state that funds, trains and acts as a haven for Islamist terrorists, and far more terrorist attacks have originated out of the country and its nationals than ever originated out of Afghanistan. Even worse, Pakistan's illegal nuclear program has been responsible for outlaw nuclear proliferation to countries like Iran.

Every dollar in aid we give Pakistan enables this kind of behavior, but as long as we have a huge army in Afghanistan that depends on getting 75% of its supplies through Pakistani controlled territory, we're going to keep bribing them to keep that lifeline open.

It's ridiculous to expect our warriors to fight the jihadis in AfPak with one hand while we're financing them and their allies with the other.

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