Thursday, June 09, 2011

' Too Much Time On Your Hands? Help The WAPO And NYT Dig Up Dirt On Palin!'

Why not indeed? After 3 years of biased hostility, why even make a pretense of journalistic ethics anymore?

The Washington Post and Pravda -on-the Hudson have an exciting new project.

The State of Alaska is releasing over 24,000 e-mail messages to and from Sarah Palin during her tenure as Alaska's governor on Friday, in response to massive Freedom of Information requests. And rather than rake their own muck, both papers posting the e-mails and are asking their readers to do the dirty work. From the New York Times:
On Friday, the State of Alaska will release more than 24,000 of Sarah Palin’s e-mails covering much of her tenure as governor of Alaska. Times reporters will be in Juneau, the state capital, to begin the process of reviewing the e-mails, which we will be posting on starting on Friday afternoon.
We’re asking readers to help us identify interesting and newsworthy e-mails, people and events that we may want to highlight. Interested users can fill out a simple form to describe the nature of the e-mail, and provide a name and e-mail address so we’ll know who should get the credit. Join us here on Friday afternoon and into the weekend to participate.

From the WAPO:

Over 24,000 e-mail messages to and from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin during her tenure as Alaska’s governor will be released Friday. That’s a lot of e-mail for us to review so we’re looking for some help from Fix readers to analyze, contextualize, and research those e-mails right alongside Post reporters over the days following the release.

We are limiting this to just 100 spots for people who will work collaboratively in small teams to surface the most important information from the e-mails. Participants can join from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection. Read more about how it will work.

If you need inspiration before getting started, take a look at what to expect from the e-mail drop. For micro-updates as tomorrow unfolds, check out our new Twitter feed.

Now here's Sarah Palin - at this point, just a private citizen, not a public servant or office holder - and the Left finds her such a threat that they're enlisting their minions to work to try to destroy her by any means necessary.

Gee, aren't these the same people who continually tell us 'Palin can't win'? And the same ones who moan about Andrew Breitbart using hidden cameras and stings to reveal the Leftist agenda?

This sort of sleazy tactic tells us a great deal about Sarah Palin and about the people that oppose her. In politics, you are, after all, known by your enemies as well as your friends.

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louielouie said...

the people that oppose her.

and that would be what, 75% or 80% of the population of the US.
and that would say what, about the country formerly known as the united states of america?

Mark @ Israel said...

I don't see any sense in scrutinizing those emails. Why would anyone do so? Is the WAPO expecting to find something juicy and fishy about Sarah Palin from those emails? I agree, it is such a sleazy" tactic."

Anonymous said...

How we all wish they had put this much effort into informing us of who Obama was...