Friday, June 03, 2011

Pope Benedict Meets With Abbas, Calls For A 'Palestinian' State

You'd think that given how the PLO treats Christians in the areas it controls, let alone Hamas, Pope Benedict would get a clue.

But here's this Pope standing next to Arafat's Holocaust denying number two in Rome, the man who was Yasser Arafat's assistant in presiding over the decimation of the once majority Christian town of Bethlehem and endorsing more of the same.

Pope Benedict may not have consciously decided to side with the oppressors against the oppressed, but he has decided to accomodate, appease them and not confront them -which amounts to the same thing.That kind of moral delinquency is exactly how Pius XII dealt with the Nazis.

Abbas was a part of the PLO whose thugs invaded the Church of the Nativity and wrecked it, using Bibles for toilet paper and threatening the monks. These are the same people who desecrated and attempted to destroy the tomb of Joshua, Joseph's tomb, Rachel's Tomb and the Cave Of The Patriarchs, all places that are revered in the Christian tradition as well as the Jewish one.

But defending the Church and it's traditions apparently means nothing to this Pope next to appeasing Islam.

I'm surprised the Pope didn't wear his Keffiyah.

Pope Benedict wasn't always like that. In the beginning of his term, he clearly identified the fate of the Church with that of the Jews and even challenged Islamism in a famous speech at the University of Regensburg that directly challenged radical Islam and spoke out forcefully against jihad and `fanaticism in religion'.

The reaction to that speech - the firebombing of churches, threats to church property like the the church of the Holy Sepulcher still in lands under Muslim control, death threats towards the Pope himself and the actual murder of several priests and nuns - frightened him into dhimmitude and cowardice.

This Pope's alignment with Islam against the Jews and Israel commenced forthwith.

The saddest part of all is that I know that Cardinal Ratzinger was a man of brilliance, courage and intellect before he donned the Papal robes. But now, when the Church needs a strong warrior, they've received a weak reed. A man of Pope Benedict's history and essential decency understands only too well the choice he's made and its consequences...and I pity him.

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louielouie said...

the pope saw what happened to the twin towers.
he doesn't want the same for the dome of st. peter's.
it is dhimmitude.

Rhymes With Right said...

I believe that Benedict is right -- there should be a Palestinian state.

And you know what? There is one already. It is called JORDAN.

Barry said...

I don't know if you are aware of what took place in Lebanon in the 1970s when Arafat's PLO was massacring Christians in Lebanon (town of Damour for example) and the Vatican's Hilarion Capucci was running arms, in his official Mercedes for the PLO in the West Bank, from Lebanon.

Tom said...

AntiCatholic bigots. Burn in hell.