Sunday, June 26, 2011

The 'Human Rights' Community Refuses To Call For Gilad Shalit's Release

A large part of the so-called Human Rights community - including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch - issued a statement dated June 24th, 2011 to mark the five year anniversary of the Hamas raid into Israeli territory which resulted in the kidnapping of wounded Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who remains in captivity to this day.

Shalit has been held for ransom incognito, with no contact allowed by the International Red Cross, no contact allowed with his family and no information about the conditions he's being held under and no signs that he's even still alive, except for Hamas' say so. When th eInternational Committe of the Red Cross asked Hamas for a sign of life, the only thing they got was a few photos that could have been taken years ago.

The 'Human Rights' community issued a statement today that's morally despicable, considering the harsh criticism given to Israel at every opportunity by the groups who signed on to it.

There's nothing condemning Hamas for engaging in kidnapping and holding a human being for ransom, and no call whatsoever for his release. The only thing they're calling for is for a slight improvement in the conditions under which he's being held, saying that Hamas should enable him to communicate with his family and should grant him access to the International Committee of the Red Cross, things that any civilized society understands,which ought to tell you something about Hamas. Or for that matter, about the 'Palestinian Authority', which not only hasn't called for Shalit's release but said that they were going to assume the role of holding him hostage as part of the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement, so they could get in on some of the ransom.

These so-called human rights groups claim to care about international law, but are strangely silent about it being against international law to raid a sovereign state to kidnap its citizens.

By doing so, they're revealing their true agenda, and are signing on to the Hamas position that there's no difference between Gilad Shalit and the 'Palestinian' terrorists held in Israeli jails.

In fact, those differences are substantial.

Virtually all of the 'Palestinian' prisoners in Israeli jails were apprehended for planning, aiding or executing horrendous attacks on Israeli civilians. And all of them were tried and convicted in Israeli civilian courts, with lawyers provided to them by the Israeli government free of charge. Some of the details of these attacks are astounding in their inhumane and wanton brutality, and they would be classified as crimes against humanity if the victims were other than Israelis.

Gilad Shalit, on the other hand, was deliberately kidnapped Mafia-style as a hostage to swap for the freedom of these murderers. He was never givien a trial or even the most basic of rights usually accorded prisoners. He's simply a crime victim, abducted by a vicious criminal gang, and he's being held for ransom...if indeed he's still alive.

The fact that these 'human rights groups' refuse to recognize this and refuse to call for his immediate release is the worst and most shameful hypocrisy imaginable.

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