Thursday, July 21, 2011

Abbas Claims 'Palestinian' UN Statehood Bid Won't Effect Negotiations. No, Really?

'Palestinian' capo del tutti Mahmoud Abbas is in Spain today, trying to drum up support for the 'Palestinian' bid to get the UN to declare statehood for them unilaterally.

In spite of the fact that such an action would abrogate the Road Map and the Oslo Accords the 'Palestinians' signed with Israel, Abbas still insists that the 'Palestinian' UN gambit isn't going to affect the so-called peace process:

"Whatever happens and whatever the reaction and the result of our action in the UN, we know conclusively that we will return to the negotiating table to reach the best solutions with the Israelis," Abbas said in a speech in Arabic at the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona.

"The efforts that we have taken to go to the United Nations in September will not be detrimental to peace nor to negotiations that we want to continue to have."

Abbas' remarks came shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed Israel's willingness to hold peace talks with the Palestinians immediately:

"I'm prepared to negotiate with president Abbas directly for peace between our two peoples right now. We can do it here in my home in Jerusalem, we can do it in Ramallah (in the West Bank), we can do it anywhere," he told Arabic-language television station Al-Arabiya.

All very admirable, but extremely naive. Abbas is kidding himself if he thinks that breaching Oslo and the Road Map isn't going to end the peace process. And neither Abbas or Netanyahu are being honest on the least when they talk about talks and negotiations. If these talks actually happened, what would the Israelis and 'Palestinians' negotiate about?

Abbas is on record as saying he's not willing to make a single concession to the Israelis, so some things are simply a given.

Will the 'Palestinians' recognize Israel as a Jewish state, unequivocally, in Arabic? No.

Are the 'Palestinians' going to give up their claim to swamp Israel with thousands of hostile descendants of 'refugees'? Would the Israelis ever allow it unless they were suicidal? Nope.

Is Abbas going to clearly and unequivocally say, in Arabic, that any agreement is the end of the conflict, that there are no further claims? Not on your life.

Are the 'Palestinians' going to settle for anything less than a redivided Jerusalem and a Jew free Judea and Samaria? Are the Israelis going to agree to giving up any part of Jerusalem and watching their holiest shrines destroyed by Muslims, or to forcibly removing almost 500,000 Jews from their homes? It isn't going to happen.

Given the 'Palestinian' record on keeping their agreements, the fact that Hamas and many other 'Palestinian' factions won't abide by any deal and that Abbas is on his way out anyway, is his signature on a piece of paper worth anything? Definitely not.

So what exactly is there to talk about? The weather? Who has the best felafel?

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Old School said...

This is exactly what I was wondering myself. What exactly would there be to talk about.? Especially with Hamas in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob.

I see you liked my talkback to the YNET article.
Those Lefty bastards at YNET often censor my comments, they especially hate my comments on the Israeli economy & the damage caused by Leftist policies & gov't. bureaucracies. You should read some posts by Daniel Doron.
For some reason, I am unable to e-mail your posts or post them to facebook. Any idea why?

Terry, Eilat - Israel

Rob said...

Yes I did, and it's something I've often said myself. Arafat outlined the 'Palestinian' mindset best, on Jordanian TV right after signing Oslo.."either we will push the Jews into the sea or they will push us into the sea."

I have no idea why you can't email or post my stuff on facebook.Just Right click on the titles, Right click once on 'copy link location' and then click wherever you want it to go and click on paste...that should do it. either on FB or via e-mail.