Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah Palin Points Out The Obvious..And Sets A Deadline For Her Decision On Running

Right Scoop has a video of an interesting interview Governor Sarah Palin did with Sean Hannity on FOX yesterday. When asked by Hannity whether she would find a compromise that involves dollar for dollar debt increase to spending cuts, immediately and a balanced budget in a separate bill acceptable, she said no:

I don’t trust this President… He doesn’t know how to make those cuts. He’s never had to do this before. He’s always just been one to spend other people’s money even if that money is just borrowed money or printed out of thin air. He’s never had to exercise real executive authority like that.

She's totally correct by the way. You can't make a deal with people who are essentially untrustworthy and expect good results. President Reagan found that out that hard way in 1982, when he agreed to a deal with the Democrats who controlled Congress, three dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in tax increases he agreed to. In the end, the tax increases came but the spending cuts did not, and President Reagan remarked more than once that going along with it was one of his biggest regrets as president.

Hannity also asked her if she has a deadline for making a decision about running for president, to which Governor Palin replied that August to early September would be the latest anyone could realistically announce their candidacy.

Oddly enough, that's pretty much when I predicted she'd get into it if she does.

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