Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gawker's John Cook - Where Anti-American And Anti-Israel meet

Gawker as you may know is one of those sites that prides itself on being more Left than Left. And one of it's high profile 'writers' John Cook just proved it in a piece called “Is This the Guy Who Killed Bin Laden?”( definitely no link) by trying to out the CIA staff member, referred to in the AP’s coverage anonymously as “John” by looking at press photography of former CIA head and now SecDef Leon Panetta testifying about the successful bin -Laden raid, and comparing the same individual’s presence in White House photos.

What this creep just did is to make this individual and his family a high profile target for jihadis seeking revenge who'd like nothing better than to track this CIA staffer down and kill him and anyone he's close to. "John's" life and those of his family are not going to be the same again.

"John" of course may very well not be the person referred to in the AP article.He could be anyone. But it doesn't matter in the least. He and his loved ones are now a target thanks to John Cook and Gawker.

As the New Ledger reveals, John Cook wanted Karl Rove and Scooter Libbey's heads for Richard Armitage’s outing of Valerie Plame and this is much more egregious than that ever was.

The New Ledger makes another interesting connection too.

You may remember the pathetic anti-Israel screed I wrote about written by Village Voice film editor Allison Benedikt, who went to college, got fed a bunch of 'anti-Zionist' talking points there and eventually met the Israel-hating non-Jewish Lefty boyfriend of her dreams, the man who became what she described as 'my Jew-hating fiancé' and later her husband.

She never identifies him other than referring to him as John, but guess who the husband that she admits is constantly berating her family about the "evils" of Israel is?

Yes indeed. Ms. Benedikt's über Lefty, 'anti- Zionist' husband is none other than John Cook.

Interesting how anti-Israel and anti-American melt together, isn't it?

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