Monday, July 25, 2011

Oslo Killer Breivik's 'Far Right Christian Fundamentalist' Label Cracks - The Mystery of The Two Facebook Profiles

The narrative of Anders Behring Breivak as a 'far right Christian fundamentalist' continues to unravel.

Originally, the killer assured the police through his attorney that he had worked alone, something I was sure had to be bogus because of the number of casualties on Utøya Island, the fact that someone had to provide hands on training to Breivik on making fertilizer bombs and the fact that witnesses reported that at least on Utøya Island, there was a second shooter.

All of a sudden, Breivik has a new story. Now, he claims to have been part of an organization with "cells all over Europe", very convenient for the media narrative and for forces on the Left seeking to use this for their political advantage. All of a sudden, he's not a lone wolf wacko anymore.

However, there's definitely new evidence he wasn't alone in this, and that Breivik was deliberately painted with the 'far right Christian fundamentalist' tag.

Simple computer forensics provide us with two interesting screen shots. As soon as Breivik's identity became public, people began looking up his original Facebook page in Norwegian, which vanished within minutes. It was replaced by a second Facebook profile in English that appears to have been embellished and deliberately altered to emphasize that Breivak was motivated by his “Christian conservative” beliefs.

In short, the Facebook profile and Breivik's statements about being part of an 'organization' are exactly made to order for a Leftist smear designed to shut down their political opposition - and to take the heat off of Europe's Islamists.

One thing we do know. Breivik obviously did have accomplices. Whomever deleted his original, far more moderate Facebook page in Norwegian and substituted the 'far right, fundamentalist Christian' page in English had access to his account and made the change while Breivik was still in custody.

Who were the accomplices? That can best be answered by the old Latin question, 'cui bono' - who benefits? Who gains from Anders Behring Breivik being painted as a member of a shadowy far right Christian terrorist organization?

Who ever it is, it certainly isn't Christians or conservatives. And we will eventually find out.

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Dymphna said...

Thanks for putting up the screen caps.

The sliming by the Old Grey Doxy has started. But they're too lazy to fact-check...

Here's what I want to know: when does the lawyer hire a forensic linguistic analyst to tell the court just how much of his writing was done by an American native English speaker.

Waaay too many ppl listed in his writings are in in-crowd known mostly only to the VRWC --see Mark Styen's list here:

I'm too tired to make a hyperlink but pls go over there and look at the Who's Who...

Who benefits? The OIC. This stirs up the fear they want in Europe. And our Hillary has decided we have to "cooperate" with them.

Makes me wonder if Switzerland will be able to keep its minaret ban in place if the pressure increases.

I don't have the link to the OIC Annual Report. It's a whole lotta bumf but I read thru it to find the weird them beleiving that the Swiss min ban is responsible for Geert Wilders' rise.

I kid you not.

Full of questionable mosque "attacks" -- never much damage done but sure signs of hatred.

One example, out of many equally trivial 'finds': someone damaged playground equipment. After you slosh thru that stuff you begin to wonder if they did it themselves or are merely obsessive. Either way, it's strange reading.

Anonymous said...

Read the excellent analysis at Sultan Knish. It's obvious that the Sultan has done his homework.
As usual, the Left is giving us a major snow-job, an avalanche of BS.

Terry, Eilat-Israel

Rob said...

Mah Na Mim Terry?

Actually, IMO Knish has done his homework and he hasn't. He's relying exclusively on Breivik's 1500 page 'manifesto', which has whole chunks cut and pasted from a similar document by the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

Again, just like the Facebook change, this is part of a convenient paper trail constructed when this attack had been planned and was ready to go.

And as I mention, the Facebook manipulation was done after Breivik was in custody, someone had to train him to make remotely detonated fertilizer bombs and witnesses reported at least one other shooter on the Utalvo Island.

So Knish's 'deranged lone wolf wacko' theory falls apart.Breivik wasn't in this alone.

I think my false flag theory holds together and fits the facts a lot better. Although it is a lot less comfortable to contemplate.