Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama's Presser: 'Americans Are Sold On Higher Taxes"

President Obama held a press conference today that could only be characterized as flat out bizarre. It was literally a textbook case of testing Hitler's theory about what happens when The Big Lie is repeated often enough.

The president, of course blamed the Republicans for the fact that he and the Democrats in Congress were unable to come up with a budget for two years when they had supermajorities in both Houses of Congress.

And oh yes,it's all George W, Bush's fault. No mention of who quadrupled the deficit and has nearly spent us into bankruptcy.

He briefly mentioned cuts from Medicare, then went into the meat of his proposal -- "hundreds of billions" more in cuts to Defense, and of course, huge tax increases. President Obama referred to this as "a balanced approach."

According to the president 80% of Americans are 'sold' on the Democrats' demand for tax increases. Not only is that fantasy, but almost two thirds of Americans don't even support raising the debt ceiling.

This is yet another example of the fact that our president thinks everybody is stupid but him.

President Obama made a huge point of linking this to the 2012 campaign, accusing the Republicans of of "playing the same old Washington political games" and going on to say, “Whoever the Republican nominee is, we’re going to have a big serious debate about what we believe is the right way to guide American forward and to win the future.”

“And I’m confident that I will win that debate because ... we’ve got the better approach,” he added.

The president there's no way he would support the “Cut, Cap and Balance” proposal the Republicans are working on and challenged the GOP to "be ambitious" in proposing a package to cut the deficit.

"If they show me a serious plan, I'm ready to move, even if it requires some tough sacrifices on my part," Obama said.

This from the man who ignored his own debt commission’s recommendations, who presented a 'budget' in February that increased debt by $10 trillion over the next decade that even the Democrats were afraid to accept and voted down?

Significantly, President Obama said we don't need a balanced budget amendment.And rejected any short term fixes. No, he's insisting again we do one debt ceiling rise that gets us to 2013, and why he wants that is self-evident. By then, the base provisions of ObamaCare go into effect,he could be back in the White House for four more years with no fear of retaliation from the electorate and looking forward to taxing the American people to death in the biggest wealth transfer in our history.

There's no question in my mind that an actual solution is impossible as long as Barack Hussein Obama is still president.

The Republicans should vote in Cut, Cap and Balance, let the Senate Democrats kill it,say publicly that they've made a serious proposal the president and his party rejected and let the government shut down until he capitulates and signs whatever they want.Call this incompetent buffoon's bluff, and let the American people know why.

They need to publicly humiliate this president in front of the entire country and stand for principle.


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louielouie said...

i disagree with this comment by hussein:

“Whoever the Republican nominee is, we’re going to have a big serious debate about what we believe is the right way to guide American forward and to win the future.”

the reason i disagree is because there will be no debate. regardless of who the nominee is. there will be no debate. the republican nominee will not stand up to him. let me make this perfectly clear. the republican nominee will not debate him on this issue. the republican nominee will not challenge him. regardless, regardless, regardless, regardless of who the republican nominee is.

overall i agree with ff assessment of what should be done, with the exception of what i perceive as the premise of ff essay that the republicans have either a spine or a pair. they have neither.