Friday, July 29, 2011

Obama's Latest Gallup - 40%!

Yes, I do believe the fiction is starting to crack.

47% for a generic GOP candidate versus 39% for President Obama.

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Anonymous said...

This is a generic poll, and therefore meaningless. Obama will be running against an actual ReThug.

Rob said...

Oh, I agree with you Anonymous. The president will be running against someone, not a generic.

Not that I support him, but the same pollster shows Romney ahead of Obama by six points and if things continue as they are, Daffy Duck will be able to run against Obama and beat him like a gong.

Abraham Lincoln's remark about being unable to fool all of the people all of the time comes to mind.

louielouie said...

ff i believe you mis-understand anon@11:30 comment.
please, let me correct you.
anon@11:30 refers to the poll being meaningless due to his/her knowledge that the electoral college count results have already been certified.
hussein wins 365 to 350.
that is the reason for his/her use of the word meaningless.
i hope this helps.

Rosey said...

Rob also seems to miss the point that 39% WOULD STILL VOTE FOR BAMBAM!!!!! mmmm mumble, mmmm mumble, something about a sack o' hair...