Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why The Boehner Bill Should Die - And Quickly

I had a piece I've been toying with about why the Boehner bill ought to deep sixed, and I get about half way done with it when I found out that Rush beat me to it, and quite eloquently.

To summarize, (a) it's obvious that Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid has no plan, as I pointed out yesterday. (b) The president is absolutely clueless and disengaged and (c) the Democrats want a default for political reasons and will use it to avoid paying our military or issuing social security checks to bash the Republicans unless they get the massive tax increases they want.

What El Rushbo did was to take it a step further, as he often does. Since the Democrats have no plan, what Reid will do is take Boehner's plan once the House votes on it, gut it and tweak it get what they want, pass it in the Democrat majority Senate and then claim the GOP are 'obstructionist' if they fail to go along. The Boehner Bill, highly edited and warped, will become the Reid bill!

Simply brilliant, in all it's perfidy.

Rush Limbaugh has a long transcript up on this, which is a must-read. On th eplus side, I know Boehner checks in with Limbaugh and so do some other members of the GOP, so hopefully they'll just let the Boehner bill die. Voting has already been postponed again on it.

Boehner should simply declare Cut, Cap and Balance was best House offer, and that it's now up to President Obama to submit HIS plan for a vote. Call their bluff.

It would be nice if we were dealing with people who would put the country's welfare ahead of their political agenda and lust for power. We're not.

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