Tuesday, July 26, 2011

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Beclowns Himself Spinning Obama's AWOL Stance

This has to be one of the most pathetic examples on record of someone openly lying in public since Baghdad Bob during the invasion of Iraq.

And at least Baghdad Bob actually sounded liked he believed what he was saying.

Here's Jay Carney, the president's press secretary actually being sneered at by the normally servile White House press corps as he tries to cover up for the president's total lack of leadership.

This, of course, is the bitter end of President Obama's manufactured use of the debt ceiling as a class warfare drum and re-election strategy. We get to watch his hired spokesmouth soil himself in public while the reporters ask at the end of all the political posturing and with only days left before the country goes into default, why the president hasn't produced his own formal, score-able plan.

After all the bluster, obstruction, and veto threats, they want to know where the president's proposal is. And all Carney can do call a legitimate question a talking point, sputter and thread water.

Since his budget was unanimously defeated in the Senate, President Obama hasn't offered much of anything in the way of specific plans of his own. Instead, what we've gotten are speeches...speeches that blame his political opponents for his own non-leadership.According to Carney, those constitute a plan, or something.

Let's recap again.In just the last few days, The House Republicans and every Republican in the Senate voted for one fix, cut cap and balance' that would not only have solve the immediate problem but put the country on the road to fiscal responsibility. The president said he would veto it, and the Senate Democrats voted it down in a straight party line vote.

Speaker Boehner and Majority leader Eric Cantor then went to the president and worked out a compromise bill that the House Republicans agreed would be acceptable and the White House agreed to - only to have the president deliberately wreck it at the last minute by asking for $400 billion in additional tax increases.

Then we had a bipartisan bill crafted over the weekend by Speaker Boehner, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, only to have the president again refuse to accept it, simply because it didn't go past the November elections.

Next, we had to suffer through the president making yet another speech about how this is all George W. Bush's fault, after which he painted the Republicans as the intractable extremists.

And now, after peeing in the water supply, he's standing on the sidelines waiting for others to do the work for him and sending his hired shill out to try and obscure the fact that this is his mess and he's waiting for others to clean it up.

There's no real leadership here because frankly, the president is incapable of it.He's an empty suit, and in over his head.

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1 comment:

louielouie said...

none of this really matters.
the republicans in congress are in this over their heads as well.
hussein knows full well Speaker Boehner will grab his ankles, his own, not hussein's, and raise the debt ceiling.
i would vote for monkey boy in the next election instead of Speaker Boehner, if i were in his district, and monkey boy were in the race.
they're playing football now so take a page out of their playbook and play ball fellas. raise the debt ceiling, 'cause in the end hussein's numbers are gonna go up no matter what.
dumber than a sack of hair.