Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Oslo Killings And Anders Behring Breivik: The Ultimate False Flag?

The death toll in the Oslo terror attacks stands at 76, with at least 68 people reported dead so far from the shooting attack when a gunman opened fire at a summer camp on Utøya Island and 7 reported deaths from coordinated bomb blasts that took place in central Oslo near the government quarter in Regjeringskvartalet.

The killer at Utøya has been identified as a Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik, 32 who was charged over both attacks. According to the police, he surrendered when they approached him.

Given the sophisticated planning behind the attacks and the coordinated timing, a couple of my sources who are familiar with these matters tell me that this was almost certainly a group effort. I'd say it's virtually a certainty.

The suspect's lawyer said that Breivik admitted responsibility for the attacks, which he described as "atrocious" but "necessary". He also originally claimed he worked alone.

This man reportedly bought six tons of fertilizer and constructed sophisticated, remotely detonated explosives with them. These are not the kind of devices one can learn to construct on the Internet; hands on training or assistance in the bombings from people who've had that training is necessary. Where did Breivik receive it?

Because fertilizer bombs have been used before in some high profile terrorist bombings, most merchants in western countries would report a purchase that large from someone they didn't know to the authorities. Did they do so in this instance? And if they did, what did the authorities do with the information?

Most interesting is how Breivik is being tagged as a 'right wing, Christian fundamentalist' There are no such groups in Norway with any history of violence, nor does Breivik have any major, long-time connection with any of them.

The whole thing just appears too perfect, right down to the obvious manipulation of his Facebook page. His original Facebook page, in Norwegian, appeared only days before the killings, and paints a portrait of a moderate conservative whose heroes were Winston Churchill and Max Manus, the leader of the Norwegian anti-Nazi resistance in WW II.

Oddly enough, within minutes of his identity being made public, that page vanished and was replaced by a page in English with far more radical postings and the tag words 'Christian' and 'Conservative' inserted. That's what publications the New York Times and their political ilk are gleefully using to label Breivik as a 'far right, fundamentalist Christian'. The Facebook manipulation also proves that Breivik wasn't in this alone, It was done by someone else who had access to his account while he was in custody.

In fact, his Facebook page and profile appears as if it was deliberately meant to deceive anyone looking into his background. Ditto with his 1500 page 'manifesto', which appears to have whole chunks cut and pasted from Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's similar 'manifesto'.

It's an obvious paper trail, constructed after the fact. And in Europe especially, there are a great many people happy to have a European 'Timothy McVeigh' to take the spotlight off of the far more prevalent and dangerous Islamist terrorism and provide them with an excuse to smear their political opponents.

Actually, McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing may be a closer fit than anyone realizes, when one does some research and looks at the Middle East connections to the Oklahoma City bombing and to Ramzy Youseff, who used the same m.o. and equipment adopted in the Oklahoma City bombings in the first World Trade Center bombing.

Al-Qaeda, Hizb-al-Tahrir and the Muslim Brotherhood have all said a great deal in the post 9/11 environment about the desirability of recruiting what al-Qaeda's leader Ayman Zawahiri has termed 'white moors' - white, European Christians who have converted to Islam - to conduct terrorist operations.

This has actually happened before in Europe, and I noted at the time I thought we could expect more `white Muslims' to be a part of jihad. In America for instance, we have a number of American blacks who have been engaged in Islamist terrorist activities, and we also have al-Qaeda senior operative Adam Yehiye Gadahn, AKA Adam Pearlman, AKA `Azzam the American'.

Riddle me this, if you please - what if Anders Behring Breivik is a radicalized Norwegian Muslim who was groomed and trained to perform this mission, and is utilizing the Muslim doctrine of taqqiya which permits a Muslim to deceive non-believers to advance Islam? And what if he was then trained to pose as a 'far Right, Christian fundamentalist' to get authorities in Europe to take their eye off of Islamist groups and crack down on thus far non-violent anti-Jihadist groups? If you were planning an Islamist terrorist operation, can you think of a more likely or desirous scenario?

Especially since Breivik has now changed his story and is talking about being a member of a shadowy far right 'organization' with several cells?

I expect Breivik to go to court and mouth a great many of the expected far Right talking points. And perhaps that's really whom he is. But usually people this leave a long trail of statements, associations and activities, like white supremacist Buford O. Furrow, Jr., the man who shot up the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills, California in 1999 with a semiautomatic weapon.

Breivik is obviously a disturbed fanatic. But I wonder if we're going to see a real investigation of who Anders Behring Breivik really is? Will we see an investigation of his travel record, his associations, his friends, any possible romantic relationships, his finances and business dealings if any? Have his phone records and e-mails been checked? Where did he learn to fire an automatic weapon? Why did the Islamist group "Helpers of the Global Jihad" post a message claiming credit and then suddenly withdraw it? Witnesses reported that at least on Utøya Island, there was a second shooter.
Who was he?

These are all questions that need to be asked, and it remains to be seen if there will be a thorough and honest investigation to find the answers or if the 'far Right, Christian fundamentalist' narrative is going to be pushed regardless of whether it's true or not. There are a great many figures in the Leftist establishment who are only too eager to do so.

Which brings us to the ultimate issue, best summarized by the old Latin question, 'cui bono' - who benefits? Who gains from Anders Behring Breivik being painted as a member of a shadowy far right Christian terrorist organization?

Whoever it is, it certainly isn't Christians or conservatives.

But after the Narrative has made it's way through the usual channels, we will undoubtedly find out. And we may just find out that this was the ultimate False Flag operation.

UPDATE: * The death toll has now been revised to 76.

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louielouie said...

there will be a thorough and honest investigation

i go to a blog sometimes.
guy lives in los angeles.
guy is a joo.
when he hears things like this he says, "yeah, good luck with that".

having lived in oklahoma my entire life, and as the parallels between oslo and oklahoma city are drawn closer, i would observe objectively, that i have learned more of the murrah building bombing by reading joshuapundit than i have from all other sources. of course J/P was a composite of other sources. but this information must come from somewhere. and must be made public somewhere. either that or be buried somewhere.
where/who is going to do this thorough and honest investigation?

J€$\/$ said...

Anders Behring Breivik lousy Photshopped in 30min.
False Flag Obvious

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking the same thing!

BlArthurHu said...

Thanks for pointing out that you seem to be only other guy who smells a false flag in this rush to blame "conservative christians" The whole 9/11 truth/conspiracy movement is a "false flag" attack. All you have to do is look at what they accuse US/Israel of doing, and it gives away what THEY are doing. Every prominent 9/11 truther is either pro-Palestine/Hezbollah/Al-Queda/Iran, anti-Israel/semite or hangs out with somebody who is. Not a single one for Israel. The author of the manifesto may well be the same people who gave us those 9/11 hijacker manuals and all of those carefully constructed "scientific" conspiracy theories like Steven Jones, a Mormon 4 Jihad.

RegulusSeradly said...

Your evidence is interesting, but I still see much room for doubt and so will not leap to any conclusions.

There are other groups besides Islamic ones possessing the knowledge to construct such bombs.

In Europe, the IRA and other groups trained in the Communist Era by the KGB and affiliates have such knowledge. Gates of Vienna has noted that did make trips to Eastern Europe.

Then there is also the possibility (which I am currently investigating) that he could have received such training from ex-Tamil Tigers, or a Scandinavian trained by them. My thoughts on that are based on the fact that Norway and the other Nordic countries were intimately involved in establishing and monitoring the last cease-fire in the long Tiger/Government war on Sri Lanka. The ceasefire collapsed and the Nordic monitoring teams withdrew about three years ago, as Eelam War IV raged and the Tigers were pushed into full retreat. I would find it likely that many ex-Tigers wound up in Europe following their ultimate defeat short while later.

The Tigers, remember, were the first users of suicide-bombing and have had occasional contact with Al-Qaeda and other groups with which they do not have related goals.

Anonymous said...

I thought the whole thing was weird when the death toll was different in all the articles i read. How hard could it be to count the bodies? Not to mention the muslims claiming responsibility then retracting it and the other shooter. I couldnt understand why a far right man no matter how nuts would believe this would help his cause either. Suspicious for sure, but we'll never know

Anonymous said...

It could be he's really a muslim as is suggested, what is far more likely is that he was controlled by government handlers. Many projects in mind control exist (check out MK:Ultra). He probably had a back alter personality similar to a Manchurian candidate and was triggered (with experienced military backup support) to conduct this raid to put people off the growing anti immigration movement wihtin Europe.

Joanna said...

I agree with you.
At the time I was in Poland and was glued to the TV from the very first moment of "breaking news".
After Breivik was apprehended and first reporters arrived on the island interviewing, explaining etc...there was one reporter talking to a small group of teenagers; as they were showing where they were hiding, how scared they were, they also said that there was another man shooting...pointing to the direction were they have seen the shooter, and to the direction where at the same time they heard shots as well.
At first I discarded it as traumatized kids confusing it for an echo in this wooded area.
Few hours later I went on a computer and I could not find this report/interview, not on Polish station or Norwegian, it was gone.
I also was perplex how police couldn't find a working boat for 45 minutes...with dozens of kids wouldn't one think they would be prepared in case of emergency?
A while back a polish blog was claiming that Breivik was trained in Poland...
Anyway, that's my 2 cents.