Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Israeli Navy Boards Gaza -Bound Flotilla Yacht, Tows It Into Ashdod

The Israeli Navy dealt with the final 'Flotilla of Fools' vessel this morning by boarding the French yacht "Dignite-Al-Karama" and bringing it into the Israeli port of Ashdod.

Boarding was necessary because the pro-Hamas activists on board refused Israeli instructions to sail into Ashdod.

According to a statement by Rear Admiral Rani Ben-Yehuda, Deputy Commander of Israel's navy, 16 people, including two crew members, were brought to Israel.

"In accordance with government directives, after all diplomatic channels had been exhausted and continuous calls to the vessel had been ignored, (Israeli marines) boarded the Al-Karama in an effort to stop it from breaking the maritime security blockade on the Gaza Strip," a military statement said.

"The takeover was restrained and controlled without any injuries," Ben-Yehuda told reporters.

The other ships in the flotilla were detained and were prevented from sailing after docking in Greece by that country's government.The yacht wasn't, because they claimed they were sailing to Alexandria Egypt instead when it left Greek waters on Sunday, but they instead sailed for Gaza.

The Hamas groupies aboard the "Dignite-Al-Karama" will be questioned and the foreigners will face deportation. At least two of them are of Israeli origin, Dror Feiler and Ha'aretz newspaper reporter Amira Hass.

Feiler is a former Israeli citizen and far Left ideologue who emigrated to Sweden and is a kingpin in the EU version of the anti-Israel group Jews for A Just Peace.

Haas is noted for her anti-Israel screeds in Ha'aretz, the newspaper hardly anyone in Israel reads and that Westerners love to quote.She's a self-admitted ‘red-diaper baby' whose parents were communists, an anti-Zionist and was fined $60,000 in a libel case by an Israeli court for writing a phony story accusing 'settlers' of committing an atrocity.

Unlike Feiler, Haas is still an Israeli citizen ( why, I can't imagine given her views), and may face some jail time.

Given the Hamas agenda, the Israelis are quite serious about making sure as few arms as possible get into Gaza.

They have to be.

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