Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shock UK Poll: Almost 50% Would Back Nationalist, Right Wing Party

The British appear to be following a Europe-wide trend to the Right.

According to a fairly large poll conducted by the government backed Searchlight Education Trust, fully forty-eight per cent of the 5,054 respondents say they would support a party that “wants to defend the English, create an English parliament, control immigration and challenge Islamic extremism”.

They would also restrict the ­building of mosques and order the flag of St George or the Union Jack be flown on all public buildings.

Sixty per cent thought immigration had been “a bad thing” for England, against 40 per cent who said it had been “good”. Thirty-four per cent said ­immigration should be stopped permanently or until the economy improved, and fifty-two per cent agreed with the statement, “Muslims ­create problems in the UK”.

In the 12 months ending ­September 2010, 238,950 migrants were allowed into Britain, the highest figure since they began keeping records.

The poll was commissioned by Britain's Leftist Ruling Class, who favor massive immigration and multicultural­ism, and the results concerned them. Former Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband and left-wing MP Jon Cruddas officially unveiled the report, and plan to launch Searchlight’s 'Together' project to tackle extremism among white and Islamic ­communities with the slogan: “A plague on both their houses”.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. I doubt the minions of the Labour Party are going to get too far selling the delights of multicultural­ism to the British public at this point.

( h/t, Gates of Vienna)

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Anonymous said...

There comes a time when people simply have had enough. However, as much as this bodes ill for the liberal progressive fascists a dramatic swing to the right does not necessarily harbinger good things for the Jews either. BTW I don't think of the EDL as right wing, just pissed off.

Old School said...

People have quite had enough over here of our country being disrespected. When Labour was finally voted out, we expected a change, but the new bunch is just as useless as the former lot.

If the Tories refuse to mend their ways, a new party will almost certainly be formed.

Rob said...

Hello Old School,
Nice to see you back. Well said!

louielouie said...

“A plague on both their houses”.

this is classic.
the result is, create a problem to solve a problem.
now every one is the problem.
the only ones not a problem are the sheep.
what action has the EDL taken to cause strip searches at airports?
aren't these the same brits who begged the US to elect hussein? i.e., a right wing brit is a left wing yank.

B.Poster said...

I sure wish 50% of Americdans woudl back a nationalist right wing party for America!!

IP writesL "...a dramatic swing to the right does not necessarily harbinger good things for the Jes either..." While I can't say for certain how EDL might act toward Jes in general or Israel in particular, given Britian's current position militarily it is hardly in any position to do much to or for Israel. Its hard to see how EDL or a nationalist right wing party would be any worse for Israel than what Britian currently has.

As fir America, it has no nationalist righrt wing party. It just has the Democrat party and the "Democrat-lite" party that calls itself the Republcian party.

If such a right wing nationialist party were to arise in Amrica, all American aid would likely disappear, however, the constant meddling by America in Israel's affairs would stop as well. While the loss of American aid may be negative to Israel, the net benefit to Israel of not having Aemrica interfere in their affairs would FAR EXCEED the cost to Israel of the loss of American aid.

Essentially Israel would have a much frere hand to crush Hamas, Hezbollah, and any one else who would threaten them, if they wanted to. In any event, they would no longer be able to use "American pressure" as an excuse for not getting the job done.

Since Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Israel enemies are also enemies of America, if Israel crushes them this would be good for America. This is much more likely to happen with America out of the way.

Since American military forces are spread to thin and are to worn down, America is no postion to take on these enemies even if it wanted to. Israel is in the best position to do this.

If an American right wing nationalist party came to power in America, American aid to Israel would likely cease. Also, American interference in Iaral's affairs would stop as well. The net benefit to Israel, America, and world Jews would be tremendous if this development were to take place would be tremendous.

While I can't be certain, I thin a right wing nationalist British party would likely behave in a similar fashion toward Israel, As such I think if such a party came to power in Britian, this would be a major positive development for Israel, the Jews, and Britian.