Friday, July 08, 2011

LATMA's Latest - SOTA Israeli Satire!

As usual, the cool folks at LATMA bring the funny, and the Beach Boys 'Guns Guns Guns' satire is hilarious!. Some crib notes:

I believe the Israeli general is supposed to be Ashkenazi, who's involved with Kadima. I could be wrong and welcome any info from my astute readers.

Meretz is an extreme ultra-Left minority political party funded by the EU.

Areyeh Deri was the former head of the Shas party who at one time was Interior Minister. He served 22 months in jail for taking $155,000 in bribes during his tenure.

Rabbi Dov Lior and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef are both activists on the Right with what one could call uncompromising views on Israeli sovereignty. Both were recently arrested for their political activities on fairly shaky grounds and then released.


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Latma rocks!